27 March 2011

Late Night Outing

Okay, firstly this is my first time mobile blogging, so bear with me here, this could take a while to get used to :P Alright, so today was Scott's bday outing (around 16 people attended) & it started at 2pm but I couldn't get there on time 'cause of chinese school ending at 4pm, so yer, got there @ around 5pm? Anyways met them at echo karaoke but it was already nearly over LOL. Oh well, there were heaps of ppl I didn't know, so I didn't want to sing anyway XD I liked the karaoke place, its pretty comparable to greenbox, show and all that. Its touch screen and soooo much easier/convenient to use. That's the really good highlight ^^ there's also a separate controller just to adjust volume, and its heaps easy to skip songs and shiz. Okay, that's it for karaoke. Haha. Next we went to this place called the secret room, which is sooooooo cool, you wouldn't believe. Its like room rental but the decorations range from sleek city apartment looks, to beach hut, to japanese rooms (the one we went to). Each room has a completely diff and unique design. Definitely, 100% better than moviebar, which is very similar but its so much more smaller :D you can do anything in the room, like browse the internet on the huge screen, watch movies, play music and they even had wii, PS consoles and more. They have heaps of food too :D we were about to play poker, but cancelled and went with team charades instead. There was really stupid stuff in there like the hard-to-act-out inception and plain dirty ones like 'wanking'. Thank goodness I didn't have to play the actor at all -.-" hmm.. After that we went to have dinner at little lamb (all you can eat buffet type) and raw meats cooked in big tub of soupy mixture heated over hot plate. It was sooooo good, I could eat nearly everything, there was hardly anything I didn't like ^^ we took a few funny photos. And a group photo when it finished :) oh yeah, it was around 9:30-10 when nearly the whole restaurant was empty, that we brought out the cake! It was so damn loud singing, shouting and laughing really loudly like we owned the place, but fun because there was only one other group of people eating, so we didn't disturb the public that much :p after handing out a taro cake (first time trying taro, I think?) It was time for us to go home :( and that was my awesome day! Oh and if you know me, you'd know I LOVE making heaps of new friends. Today I met heaps of new people, and I got along well with these two girls and guy. (Y)By the way I met someone unexpected there but I'm too tired writing this, so I'll talk about it tomorrow :p

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