20 March 2011

My 'Relaxed' Sunday

Today was Sunday and I went to church and met up with one of Jason's friends that I recently met just last Sunday at Jason's church, but he also went to hillsong so we decided to meet up today :) Hahahah, that was confusing, I know but I think you get my idea :p Lisa Bevere preached, she came straight out of the hillsong colour conference for women, her message was really good ^^ although i forgot most of what she said already, i can remember that God did AMAZING things in her life.

Afterwards I went over to Eastlakes to catch up with Jess and Jason, and I thought Jess was studying at home, but she went to the library :S So in the end, I just watched a movie with Jason and his baby sis :) Felt nice spending a rainy day somewhere else besides my home :)

Somehow I'm pretty enthusiastic about work tomorrow.. but maybe thats just because im in a good mood today, i bet tomorrow i'll be like 'omgsh why did i chose to work on monday!!' i'll be honest, i dont like mondays. many people would agree with me. haha. i heard a fact that mondays are the most popular days for suicide (not that i would do that), but i wouldnt blame them. monday for me = dreading going to school, waking up feeling dead, the big one - running LATE to school, finishing last minute homework etc etc. so yeah.. =="

Hmm.. my usual update on love I guess? (since i know that some people only read my blog for that reason..) uhhhhhhhm.. just the usual text messages that NEVER GETS REPLIED BACK. Why do I bother talking to you anymore, seriously.. I just want to stay friends, and thats what you said was best to, yet you dont even contact me, i feel like a stranger -.-" thanks heaps..

On a positive note, still looking for that one person that I can secretly admire :) There is oneeeeee.. but.. he barely talks to me whenever I see him, but thats probably because we're working -.- whoops, shouldnt have said that.. haha.. But when I mean admire, I really do mean it, someone I look up to, but less than being attracted to, I guess? So i guess its.. kinda.. okay to say this on my blog :p Anyway, I do try to bring out opportunities but he doesn't usually stay to talk, and if he does, I struggle with what to say to him, seeing as I'm that shy/quiet type when it usually comes to just myself and someone else..

Speaking of shy/quiet, Matt posted on my fb about me finally getting out of my shy/quiet self. I have to agree, over the past months, I've been trying to be more outgoing. Quiet, yes, still very quiet, but not as shy anymore I think? I do try to be confident saying the 'first' words to start a conversation, but then it never flows well so it ends up being awkwardly quiet.. :( Oh, at work I do tend to be more myself, depending on who I work with at the front. People like Ella, Carissa and Jess make me feel more of my usual self, which is usually crazy and unusual, like being random, laughing like all the time, and that. Not that I don't get along with other people as well, just didnt want to list them all down, itd take a while D: Oh, what I wanted to say was, I kinda miss being the shy and quiet type.. Well, matt, in response to your comment, yes, in a way I did get what I previously wanted, but it's.. not what I expected it to turn out =/ I thought being more outgoing would get people to be a little more comfortable around me, but sometimes I think it does the opposite..

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