27 March 2011

'Unexpected' Person

So as promised, I'll write about this person I met yesterday.. Once upon a time, a month or two ago, I was bored and decided to go through photos of people that just recently graduated from high school, because, well, its been a while since i made new friends, and its also been a while that i have added someone 'randomly' because they look nice/friendly to meet. I was just wondering that if i WERE to try and make friends with someone new, who it was to be. I know, I'm a really scary person. It kinda freaks me out myself =/ But anyway, I did spot ONE person in the photo. But kinda too scared to just 'add' them because I'm not who I used to be before, like when bebo was popular back then. Nowadays I just make new friends in real life. So a month or two went by wondering if I should add this person or not, thinking I'd appear as suspicious to them. It went until yesterday, when I got the biggest surprise seeing them there. And well it was the perfect opportunity, and we got along well :D and thats the end of my story. girl or guy, it doesnt really matter, i met heaps of nice new people yesterday. im happy enough :)

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