15 March 2011


Nothing much has happened lately.. I've been trying to keep in contact with friends I haven't talked to for a while, especially with Jason and Jessica. Went to their church on Sunday :)

Got myself Pokemon White @ easties. I dont know, Pokemon is a childhood memory that will never die out on me :) Unfortunately its been 2 days and I haven't really started much of the game, plus my sis wanted to see me play from beginning, so I didn't save anyway. Too much school and work shifts to do =="

In terms of finding a man, I am totally lost. I have no strong reason to hold on to my ex anymore, since not seeing him makes moving on so much easier. But then again, I really like the idea that my first could be my last, you know? I made too many commitments to him. Yeah, too much complications, I know. I just think that with the next guy I find, he'll be getting less of me, like I doubt that I can fall in love so easily now =/ But.. I REALLY want to move on, and to me, moving on means finding someone new, basically.

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