12 April 2011

Connected Minds in Love

"Do you have a spare face mask to lend me?
Because I said too much, now it will not eventuate
Maybe time is an antidote
Or the poison I'm taking right now
Without seeing your smile, how can I sleep?
Your voice is so close yet I cannot hug you"
- Cai Hong (Rainbow)

"My feelings are inexplicably dragging on, as I realised that I still love you
And yet you continue singing this song, pretending that everything is alright
Time has passed and walked away, and there's a choice to be made when it comes to love
You're becoming apathetic and tired, and I cried ..
I understand, so there's no point talking anymore; our love has become bland and my dreams have become farfetched ..
I still remember very clearly the feeling of having loved
You've given up waiting, so where is our promised happiness?"
- Shuo Hao De Xing Fu Ne (Where Is Our Promised Happiness)

"(When we're) Together, it's called a dream
(When we're) Separated, it's called pain
Is it possible to say that unfinished dreams are most agonising? ..
Can you spare me the time of a song ..
Say goodbye only when the story has finished
The tears you gave, I'll keep it for rainy days
Oh.. crossing the limit you drew, I decided where my courage will end

You said I should not, should not, should not have at that moment said I love you
How do I prove that I've not even an ounce of energy left to fabricate lies
Please tell me if pausing (a moment) is equivalent to giving up (forever)
I've only memories of that day"
- Gei Wo Yi Shou Ge De Shi Jian (Spare Me the Time of a Song)

"Don't want you to leave
Distance cannot separate us
When memories turn into an ocean
It's outside the window, unable to enter
Forgiveness is said too fast
Love became an obstacle
The kite in hand, released too fast, is never to return
Don't want you to go
Memories cannot be drawn apart
The affections I owe you
I wait for another chance"
- Hua Hai (Ocean of Flowers)

Jay Chou knows me too well.

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