09 April 2011


I have to admit, I'm not one of those super obsessive fans of anime/manga, I don't watch it all the time, collect figurines and attend all the events.. but I thought this year would be interesting if I went to the SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show dressed as an anime character, for the fun of it XD It will be my first time EVER going to that type of event, so I don't really know what to expect. But firstly, who will I go with?! I'm definitely dragging Felix along so he can be my photographer :D but.. who else? All I remember was that Liyisa and Christie went to one before.. is that seriously all the people that go? o__o And if I get someone to tag along with me, would they dress up too? I don't want to dress by myself T__T Second, what do I dress up as?! Well I really want to stick with something basic.. like school girl for example. Everything else.. is just too provocative or extreme, its like schoolgirl is the most innocent and 'coverable' look you can get in anime, yet its misused/misinterpreted so often as 'dirty' at the same time x.x And lastly.. will I rent/purchase an actual costume (which most likely will have to be online,not to mention will be expensive), or make do with what I have and buy a few more stuff? But it won't be as unique.. I'll list/show anime I like and my opinion of their school uniform

Anime schoolgirls:
- School Days
the most simple one, but doesn't look nice without the blazer. can be mistaken for an ordinary school uniform, nothing really stands out. but i like the plain colours, could be best for my first experience XD
- Clannad (summer uniform)
If you know me well, I like nautical type of clothing (anything related to sailor/marine style) so this uniform would be perfect ^^ But if I get this look, I can't just piece together what I have in my wardrobe, which means I gotta buy the full costume online. Good thing is.. they sell heaps of this uniform :D
- Kanon
Really strange uniform, and the ones you can buy on the internet look bad. However its unique, not many anime schoolgirls have that uniform :)
- Shuffle! (winter uniform)
Don't like brown and especially DONT LIKE the puffed sleeves. But other than that, I actually like it, its the first anime I ever really liked, actually.. The thing that stands out in this uniform is the ribboned cap that comes with it.. it looks soooo good in the anime, especially on Sia (girl with red hair in the picture below)

- K-on!
This one is also really simple like the first one. Uniform is easy to get. However, same with the first one. Can be easily mistaken for any Australian uniform. It's really easy to make this uniform out of random stuff, don't need to buy a complete set online.

and that's it! So anyway, when you guys read this, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me your opinion on which one you think suits me best! Comment here, on fb, through msn, where ever ^^ Or even if you suggest other anime with schoolgirls, or just not schoolgirls altogether, feel free to tell me. I need ALL the opinions I can get :D just letting you know, I LOVE Final Fantasy VII but the stuff the girls wear.. Tifa, Yufi.. way too provocative.. Aeris, not provocative, but too extreme, gotta wear a loooooong pink dress..? no thanks xD

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