07 April 2011


Yesterday.. was so eventful, and yup. you guessed it. 'deep and meaningful' XD
I think in total, I dnmed with.. 3 people today? Start from the beginning ^^

When I went to school it was just me and Lady, and as I always do, I just go on my phone and check fb and twitter. Something caught me by surprise. Words that hurt me, actually. I had a biology exam that day. I thought.. oh no.. I wont be able to concentrate today. I decided to tell him. That that kind of stuff hurts me. I was really scared too. I was scared he'd either stop writing them (because they COULD be about me) or he would give the usual 'its really none of your business kind of usual cold act that he's recently been giving me) When my phone suddenly flashed notifying a new message, it blink his colour. white, the colour I set for him. my heart skipped a beat.. I was soooo scared to read it. So instead I gave it to Lady to read first (because she talked me through the whole thing) and her reaction.. shocked me. She said 'omg.. its good' and in my head i was like OMGOMGOMGOMG are you serious?! I was hoping for the best, expecting the worse, by ALOT. When I read it.. me and Lady were screaming (well, squealing actually).. and you know what happened? I cried. In front of all my friends. They were tears of happiness. It was like miracle happened, really. I hadn't felt so happy in a long time. But as they always say, most good things usually come to an end.

Ah anyway, I'll write more about this later. This is part one =)

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