25 April 2011

The Holidays

You guys dont have to read this, I didnt write anything interesting but its just for future reference, looking back and all that :)

Went to the Easter show on the 18th with the HJ crew :)
I was INCREDIBLY sick in the morning; i was really dizzy, lost my vision frequently, instantly got cold sweats and threw up (nothing) a couple of times. But despite all that, I still dared to go because I reallyreallyreally wanted to see everyone; I swear it was the WORST day to get sick :( I spent half the day with a 'not-in-the-mood-to-do-anything' but spent my first ride on the wave swinger. Next, went in a scary house. Queenie held on to my arm so tight :( and then after that, I think I started to get better after sitting on the ground for around half an hour watching Jess and the others go on heaps of rides :) Went on my first roller coaster - was the BEST experience ever! XD Then ended the night with bumper cars ^^

The day after that, went for my drivers licence and passed :D So far, done about 3 hours of driving, I think its fun but yeah, I understand why everyone is more excited for a P1/P2 licence - its boring without passengers, cant drive family or friends around legally :(

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