26 April 2011

It Gets Worse..

It it officially a day before the half yearly exams and I have not studied at all. Should I be worried? YES. What the hell is wrong with me?! Why aren't I motivated to study at all?! Usually I'd start to panic and start studying a few days before exams, but now its reached a DAY before exams. I think I need to go see a psychiatrist, something is definitely WRONG with me. It's like I'm throwing my whole future away, away for WHAT? I don't think I should even dare to ask God for help right now, because he gave me a whole holiday's worth of opportunity to study and I just threw it all away on working, going out, driving and watching TV. Will my parents forgive me? No. Will God forgive me? I dont know. Will the HSC forgive me? DEFINITELY NOT. They don't spare no mercy for those who decide to spend their studying time doing something else.

The question now is.. what to do..


  1. you should just start now >< at least you can say you're trying.

  2. ahaha yeah I'm trying :) Business Services is doing me in though, its all so basic but if I was asked a question I wouldn't know how to respond :L