03 April 2011

Long Weekend Gone

Im bored.. x)
I realise I forgot to write about how.. I got my hair dyed for the first time! :D In the past I've had highlights but this time around I got my whole hair done. And by Connie, in my own house xD This was ages ago, I think its been about.. 2 weeks now? I think I just cbb writing about it because no one noticed I dyed it anyway xD It was meant to be chocolate brown, but it turned out black/brown. Still the same indoors, just a LITTLE different when outside in light. Well, this is the colour ive always wanted my natural hair to look like - dark brown :) I was hoping more for Selina's brown actually o.o Well anyway, because I'm impatient, in a months time I'm going to get Connie to re-dye it.. my mum got caramel for me, which is like a light brown colour, but this time it should turn out the way i want it, which is an obvious dark brown :D

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