10 April 2011

Secret Signal

What happened after I posted that tweet:

'.. you can draw on a very deep well of persistence. Your non-judgmental acceptance of those you love, combined with your willingness to wait for the right moment, will likely clear the way for your success.'

reaction: :')

'doubt is the rust of life.. So, rid yourself of the doubt, take that step one way or another, your heart knows what is best, but take it right now.'

reaction: :'D

And to you:
連上彼此的訊號 才有個依靠
有太多人太多事 夾在我們之間咆哮
雜訊太多訊號弱 就連風吹都要干擾
可是你不想 一直走在黑暗地下道
想吹風 想自由 想要一起手牽手

我害怕你心碎沒人 幫你擦眼淚
別管那是非 祇要我們感覺對
別離開身邊 擁有你我的世界才能完美

你說你想逃開鬆手 愛太累愛得不自由
你停止收訊號 我開始搜尋不到

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