31 May 2011

Day #18;

A note to the person in your family you love the most

Out of all honesty, this is the most stupid question I've ever heard - I love them all with all my heart. Sure, my sister may be annoying at times, and my dad may rage at the smallest things, and my mom may lecture me for this and that, but there's no such thing as perfect and I've learnt to appreciate what I have. Not that I have ever not appreciated them, my mom and dad have raised me for years on end to form part of who I am today. I take too many things for granted, but when I stop to think for a while, I realise they sacrificed so much for me to give me a roof for my head, to cater to my every food needs and 'wants', provide entertainment, quality education and grant some of my wishes for all these luxuries. And my sister. She is my number one supporter and fan, the way I act towards her, the stuff I like to do and the attitude I have towards people all seem amazing to her.. that is until I start to shout or get annoyed, then I wonder if it actually will affect the way she treats people in the future. What would happen if she was never here? Never there to play games with me? Talk to me when I'm sad? Instantly like everything I like? My life wouldn't be the same without my family. I love them all too much.

So, I guess I'll finally start my letter.. Wait, no, I just want them to read what I just wrote above. Because that is my letter :)

27 May 2011

Day #17;

Do you want to get married one day? If so, describe your dream wedding. If not, why not?

Yes :)
I'd like a modern wedding, not really those ceremonial asian ones. But then again, I've never experienced a ceremonial one, so I wouldn't know xD My main flower theme would be orchids.. It'd be at a modern church with a bit of tradition.. All my closest family and friends would be there.. There would definitely be a lot of excitement and happiness on that day (and I'm hoping it won't be a day where I'm too nervous) xD There will definitely be a professional photography and filmography.. I want my wedding to be like those ones people post videos of, like this one ^^

26 May 2011

Two Loves

It's been a while but he appeared in my dream again.. I got a note from him saying that he was in love with two people - me and his ex ex girlfriend. And he told me he was really confused and all that and didn't know what to do. But I looked it over without emotion. I mean I'm not going to fall again easily, its going to have to take a lot of effort from him if he wants me back. So I replied to him in person by saying that I was fine with it and that we'd somehow figure it out in the future. I didn't really have much hope anymore.

25 May 2011


So I don't know if I've told you all, but my ex came back to working at the same place I do. Do you remember last Saturday how I wrote about moving on and avoiding contact with him? Well that Monday was his first day back and I was freaking out because I would be working with him for a solid 4+ hours. You could say it was the worst timing, aye? Just when I thought I would never have to see/hear about him again, he makes a comeback appearance at work.. Well it's been about a week now and I've worked with him 3 times (yesterday was the most recent). I'm actually going REALLY good :) I look at him like he's just one of the crew members. However I do try to avoid getting into situations where I talk to him. But if I do, I just talk like I normally would I guess. Umm.. the bad side is that he still manages to make me nervous and I start stammering sometimes and my movements become all awkward. I avoid eye contact most of the time.

Now this is the really strange part.. I finished work yesterday and he still had an hour to go. I was about to walk out the door and he came into the opposite direction, so with my hands full, carrying my blazer and umbrella, I went 'see ya!' and waved at him, like I do to every other person at work when I leave. And he stops me in my track and hugs me. I guess I shouldn't be worrying, because he also did that the last time we went out as 'friends' during term 1 holiday. But why is it only me?

Day #16;

Your favourite movie about love

The Notebook

Day #15;

Your favourite quote about love

"A woman's heart should be so hidden in God that a man has to seek Him just to find her"
- Max Lucado

24 May 2011

Day #14;

Your first crush, in great detail

Anyone who knew me in year 7/8 (2007/2008) would know there was this one guy I obsessed over for years - Ben. I didn't even know him, but it was a habit seeing him everyday after school getting off the 370 bus at the stop where I would wait to catch the bus home. I just thought he was really attractive at that time and that's what caused me to start this whole thing xD I eventually starting liking him for what was about 2 - 2.5 years? It lead to me doing REALLY crazy things, like waiting for an hour, sometimes even in the rain >< I would write about him really often. In fact, my diary (not an online one) is practically filled with entries about him xD It was only in 2009 (I think) that I realised my friend Doris actually went to the same primary school as him and she introduced me to him through msn. And yes, I eventually confessed but to my disappointment, he declined. I think he knew it was coming, it was so obvious that I liked him back then >< Even after that, I think I still continued to like him for a while. It probably eventually phased out in 2010?

22 May 2011

Day #13;

A song you'd want at your wedding

(Finally up to the day I'm supposed to be at for today) xD
This is REALLY hard.. I honestly don't know, but it'd definitely be a classic love song, a song that never really goes out of date but has sweet lyrics suited for a wedding :)

Day #12;

Top 10 favourite love songs

Of all time? And 10 only?! The list could go on xD Anyway this is not in any order :)

1. My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion
2. I Knew I Loved You - Savage Garden
3. Simple Love - Jay Chou
4. Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars
5. The Saltwater Room - Owl City
6. Rapuh - Joeniar Arief
7. You'll Always Be Mine - Phath
8. Let Me Love You - Mario
9. Mad - Ne-Yo
10. She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5

Day #11;

Your dream first date

I always like to start off my first date with something simple, so just movies I guess :) On my first date.. is when hugs and holding hands make my heart skip a beat.. hehe ^^ No kissing on the first date! I like having a slow start :) My dream is for it to just go well, trying to avoid awkward situations would be best. haha ^^

Still thinking about it xD

This morning.. wkwkwk.. at the end of church made a prayer circle and joined hands with the person to right and left of us. My brother was on my right and there was a space at the left so that guy went in and I got to hold his hand for more than a minute!! ahhhhh XD XD

21 May 2011

Day #10;

A letter to the person you hope will be your last love

Marry me, let's grow old together. Promise to stay by my side every step of the way and never let me go. Take care of me - I'll be sure to do the same. We'll build our dreams and future together.

Day #09;

A letter to your most recent love

Ahaha must I go through this? Writing letters to him is like second nature now, I honestly can't count how many handwritten letters I've given to him, especially when we parted ways. But now that I'm kind of over unrequited love, I guess it's been a while. Here goes.

Dear love,

I hope you're happier without me around. You probably would've noticed by now that I no longer want to hear from you, but remember that you pushed me away first, not me. I don't want to have to go through the pain of going through your facebook or twitter and hearing these statuses about girls that are not me. I don't want to 'hope' anymore that that girl is me, because who am I kidding? It's just wishful thinking. But.. as much as I want to forget about you, a part of me still wants to love you, whether it be friends or more than that. Despite all the cold things I said just then, it's only because you've hurt me so much to the point that I wish that you could, for once, realise how much damage you've done. But I care about you too much to want to hurt you as much as you did to me. In the end.. all I hope for is that.. maybe one day our paths will cross again.

emilyjane x

20 May 2011


" Dressed in her wedding gown, a college student identified only as Miss Li climbed out on the window ledge of the building in Changchun city in northeast China. The 22-year-old sobbed and swung her legs out the window for about an hour before police officers arrived.

Li said she could not live with the fact her fiancé had left her and married another woman just days before their wedding "

Omg.. I can't even imagine how much pain I'd be in if I were her..

19 May 2011

Day #08;

A letter to your first love

To my first love,
I don't know if I've met you yet. All my relationships have been so short.. I know I've had some relationships that feel like love, but maybe it isn't. I have no idea. I just hope that when I do meet you, I won't just dive head first and get lost in the feeling. I want to be your best friend and lover. I want you to be the type that comes into my life as my best friend but eventually grow into a lover. I want to go on adventures with you, talk to you about anything and everything. I want my life to be filled with memories of you, so that if you ever go overseas even for a week, every normal thing I used to do with you, doesn't feel right because you're not there. I know that if you leave me, it will take away a huge part of me, but I say this with no intention of ever leaving you and hoping you won't do the same either. Can't wait to see you soon.

18 May 2011

Lagging Behind

Sorry guys! I know I haven't been a good blogger, always delaying posts, but the homework I'm getting is crazy! Well not really, but since I'm working this whole week, Monday - Thursday and until 9pm, yes, it has gotten that way. Of course with the help of procrastination too, on hours where I could be doing my homework but choose not to =="

17 May 2011

Day #07;

Your first kiss

wasn't until.. my forth ex, Billy xD I was really self-conscious back then and didn't want my first one to turn out bad so.. I stayed away from it for so long that by the end our relationship ended, it never happened >< I don't know, I guess I was just comfortable with holding hands and hugging, that was as far as I wanted to go back then. I reckon it was actually a good thing, how I was able to have a boyfriend that I could just connect with through talking like we're best friends and being comfortable around each other. Not count on the physical stuff, you know. But then again, maybe that's why most of my relationships ended fast, it was all talk >< My most recent ex changed EVERYTHING around though, in that relationship I changed the way I showed my affection and went for physical more than social/emotional. I let my actions do all the talking. Anyway.. Hmm.. I think that's all I wanted to say about this topic, there's not much to say :)

Day #06;

Your first love, in great detail

I'll be honest with you all, I don't know if I've had a first love. All my relationships ended too quickly to find out. None of them managed to reach the 2 month mark. Except one. I do think that Tingwu was the first guy I was serious about though. With the others, I either lost interest in them, or they lost interest in me. Hmm.. Now we all know my most recent ex was the one who made it through to 3 months. But readers of my blog would know nearly all my feelings about him right now. It'd be useless to go over that again. So instead, I'll talk about a BIT of our beginning story :D Since I have little hope we'll be together in the future anyway, I'm sure he wouldn't mind xD And I'm also sharing this because this is something I don't think I've told anyone about - the truth about the beginning xD

We met through work. First time I saw him was when I came there for the first time ever and filled out an application form with Jess and Teresa. That time, I didn't really pay much attention to him, because he only collected our forms. Then the story skips to when I was still in my junior days, already starting out but really new to the whole scene, only been working a couple of days. Rina, the shift manager and match-maker at that time, proposed that Richard take me to the bus stop when I had just finished my shift, because he was on his break at that time. He agreed and said why not. We had our first talk, and it was really casual. Again, didn't really pay much attention to him. I did notice how he was friendly though, through his tone of voice. Then I think months past, I never really had much of an impression of him because he was in college and I was definitely not interested in those types of guys (at the time). Hmm.. we had quite a few shifts together. I distinctly remember how whenever he walked into the store and I waved, he never was the type of person to wave back. It was strange, but I was okay with it, didn't offend me or anything. Anyway more weeks past and things happened with Billy. When we reached our end around July/August 2010, I was quite upset. Then some significant things started happening. I got my braces off. And one night shift, Richard talked to me during work. And Indonesia. I remember him talking about how he would take me around one day. I even asked if I could ride on a motorbike with him instead of have him drive me around, because I've always thought riding on one was much more fun :) Jessica Lay started noticing things (the smart girl she is) but I was completely oblivious, I thought he was just being friendly. Then came the day. That he offered to pick me up from work when I finished my shift at night, around 8pm I think? He actually came earlier and sat down facing the counter direction. He was being sweet, and wrote/drew my name on a paint application on his ipod. I think I did something similar. Then he wrote my name on a paper napkin, all decorated and it had the date and my favourite lyrics on it. I can't believe I was still oblivious LOL. I never knew he liked me. When I finished work, we walked to the bus stop and talked for ages waiting for the bus to come. It was heaps cold. I remember him making advances on me, yet I was still clueless. Omg. He put his arm on my shoulder and that. Seems reasonable enough to think it was friendly though right? The bus didn't come, so he proposed that we walk all the way to Kensington to catch the bus. He always suggested we catch taxi but I knew it was expensive so I always refused. Lucky I did, even if I came home super late that day. I was shivering like crazy. So he held my hand the whole way. Sometimes our fingers interlocked. How stupid was I to think that it was all because I was just 'cold' and he wanted to keep me warm? I still thought he was being friendly but yes, it was quite awkward. We reached a traffic light. And he embraced me in a full hug when we waited. Cant believe I still remember this XD When we crossed the road, the bus stop was there, so we waited. This time he was closer than usual and looked into my eyes, and asked me what colour his eyes were. I said brown. He said mines were black but I said they're the same as his. And then he told me he was slightly colour blind or something. That time, looking into his eyes.. were so mesmerising. I remember seeing something special and warm in them. Anyway. We took the bus to Kingsford. Then he walked me around the road where the 343 bus stop was, but opposite it and heading in the direction of my house. Oh, I remember now. He told me he wanted to say something but didn't know how or where. I remember that I kept asking him, 'when?' or 'where?' and this time it was getting close. But I still didn't realise. When we reached the corner he told me to stop, and walked me over to the wall. Then.. he advanced so close that I leaned on the wall and then, he placed his arm behind me, onto it,and he looked into my eyes.. and asked me then and there. 'Will you be my girlfriend?'

To be continued..

Ahaha nah, I better leave the story there. It was my dream night.

14 May 2011

"Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend"

Today I went to Papa Roti with my awesome church RDG (radical discipleship group) leader, Sunny :) we dnmed, especially about my ex. And I guess she made me realise I deserve better, someone who will never give up on me even if the world throws a million reasons that he should. I guess Chinese people could refer to the 'Fox and Grapes' story LOL. To speak disparagingly of something you cannot attain :( Anyway.. she also told me that she went through something slightly similar, the whole fact that it was hard to move on. And so she gave me advice and told me the best way to move on is to kind of stay away from contact with him, until I'm confident I've moved on. She's right. I mean, every time I think I've moved on, he suddenly posts statuses about this 'girl' that he supposedly can't stop thinking about. And I'm back to where I started ==" For all I know, he could be referring to the porn star he dreamt about last night :L I realise its just wishful thinking that its me. He never wrote stuff that sweet when we were together. And as soon as he pushes me out, he gets all romantic. What the heck.

Anyway so I took the initiative, and decided its time to stop trying to get involved in his life. I know i've blogged heaps of time about moving on. But this is a huge step. To erase nearly everything. I can't stand to delete all the messages, even back to when he first confessed and ask me to be his girlfriend. Sigh. He'll probably thank me for letting him ago anyway. In fact he's probably waited for this day to come for so long. Of course, I feel incredibly upset and sad that I made this choice, and slack to him, but I just want him to be happy, and for him to be that, I gotta move on and stop trying to want him back. And to stop wanting him, the best (but hardest option) is to erase all physical memories that keep me holding on.. I know, its the worst and cruelest option right? Richard, if you're reading this, you were my most beloved. You were the best I ever had. You were the first I could imagine marrying in the future. I never wanted to do this, but I have to, if I want you to be happy. Please don't take it the wrong way. But I've tried so hard to still be your friend, but maybe my undeniable feelings for you keep getting in the way, I really can't be your friend after all. I'm so sorry. I'm so heartbroken that I had to do this.. But its the only way to move on..

Deleted off facebook. Unfollowed on twitter. Deleted number. (Damn, I still remember it off by heart though ==").. Deleted messages. That last one.. is the hardest. I deleted all the ones on my blackberry. But the texts he sent me when he first confessed and ask me to be his girlfriend, the sweetest messages, they're on my old phone. I don't want to delete those, but my dad uses my old phone and he most likely deleted them already :(

Still have to delete off msn and skype. And put away his jacket, birthday present, drawing and letter.. maybe in a box.. on top of my cupboard..

Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend..
*this goodbye is not forever

Day #05;

Go to this site: http://www.afo.net/hftw-lovetest.asp and take the quiz about love languages. Post your results. Were you surprised by this?

Words of affirmation - 23%
Quality time - 40%
Receiving gifts - 10%
Acts of service - 20%
Physical touch - 7%

"Your highest score indicates your primary love language. Your second highest score indicates your secondary love language. If two scores are identical, you are bi-lingual (you have two primary love languages). If the scores of your primary language and your secondary language are close (for example, 10 and 9 respectively), it indicates both are important to you. The highest possible score for any one love language is 12.

Having a clear picture of your primary and secondary love languages will explain much of your past behavior. Think back over the past and ask yourself, "What have I most often requested of my spouse?" Chances are your answer will lie within the scope of your primary and secondary love languages."

Hmm.. I'm kind of not surprised because the questions asked are so obviously pointing to one of those categories, and there were heaps of repeated questions but put into different words. I think.. my love language should be a mix of everything, I mean everyone expects a bit of every 'love language' right? I like to be told I'm loved from time to time, have quality time with them, receive gifts (even if it means just a hug or kiss or meaningful letter, doesnt have to be a physical gift or something with a price tag), acts of service (offering to carry my bag, pay for me from time to time, visiting me spontaneously) and physical affection. So I really think this love language quiz is kinda messed up. xD

Day #04;

A picture that shows your definition of love

12 May 2011

Day #03;

Your definition of love

What a hard question xD Love can't be defined because its sooooo broad, but I think that's the point. There's no telling what love can make us feel or do, and so we can't describe what love is, because it's different for everybody.

My definition of love (romantic kind) would be when you look into the person's eyes and you can see your future with them. You feel like you'll marry them one day and that you'll trust that they'll promise to stay with you through all the good and bad times, for the rest of your life. Exactly like wedding vows :) Love is when you can't imagine life without them, because they are so involved in your life and you are in theirs. It's when reality is better than your dreams. It's when their feelings can affect yours - you are happy when they are, sad when they seem down. You care about them. You dedicate your life to making them happy. It's when they can be two people at once - a lover and a best friend. And most importantly.. it's about sacrifice and commitment.


I was gonna say the tickets are out now, but its still 2 more hours :O
And I've got work today until 9pm :(
But after that, I'm getting it for sure! :D :D I'll probably pay for 3 more and sell them off to whoever wants to go. I've already got one friend interested ^^

11 May 2011

Day #02;

What is your dream person like?

I can't answer this question without having him on my mind. I've already met my dream person, you see.. So basically, I'm just describing him ==" And omgsh, the list could go on for AGES. I'll just list my tops:

Age: Older
Height: Taller
Weight: Not skinny and not fat. In the middle. Chubby is okay
Belief: Christian
Nationality: Indonesian or Chindo
Appearance: Good eyes and smile and hair are a must! (though there are SOME exceptions) Perfume is REALLY good too x) Takes basic care of appearance (clean skin and hair) but isn't obsessed/perfectionist (like girls tend to be.. specifically me)
Body: NOT lanky. I accept chubby but it goes to an extent
Style: Not asian TB! I'm good with casual indo type. Maybe basketball shorts ;)
Social: Can't be quiet, preferably not shy. Good sense of humour. Confident. Can't be the popular/good looking type, I can't seem to trust them. Less childish, leaning more towards mature. Independent.
Romantically: Loyal. Likes to show public affection (and not afraid of it, but doesn't go too far). Can't be demanding/ask for much. Definitely takes the lead in the relationship. Spontaneous. Connects relationship to marriage, but doesn't suddenly go all serious business. Not extremely open.
Hobbies: Basketball or soccer, Guitar, playing video games (to an extent), likes to go out.
Other: Serious about his future, works hard :) It would be really good if he can cook :)

10 May 2011

Day #01;

Are you in a relationship right now? If so, tell us about your other half. If not, share with us why you feel you're single.

No, I'm single :) I don't really feel single though, my heart is kinda taken by someone already and I'm sorta waiting for my second chance.. But at the same time, I'm ready to move on and just let what happens between us in the future, be. There are a few guys that I have taken slight interest in, but I'm just admiring from a distance. I really want to be in a relationship, but realistically speaking, I've got school to think about. I could be in one though. Just gotta balance stuff out I guess. Can't find the right one though. There were two guys at work that I thought were cute, but the first one doesn't seem interested, and the second one, I think it'd be better to stay as a friend, he might be a possible brother in the future :) There was another one but he seems too much like me, we have too many.. similarities. And then theres this guy, that I haven't even talked to/met yet but have seen. He plays as the guitarist at my friend's church xD But then I talked to my non-related brother and he said that he lives far away, so I think it will be hard. And he's.. 22, so about 6 years older ==" not that I mind, I prefer uni guys over high school (mainly because they're more mature and a bit more serious/realistic).

My verdict in the end..? Still searching xD I'm not very happy being single, knowing how happy I can be in relationships. I miss feeling I can share my life with someone that could make it into my future for the rest of my life. But at the same time, I learn to appreciate what I have right now. God has His plans, I'll wait. For now, I'm enjoying admiring a few and looking around :)

20 Day Challenge about Love/Relationships.

Credits to Kayla :)
I've NEVER fully completed challenges like these, but this one seems really interesting ^^

01. Are you in a relationship right now? If so, tell us about your other half. If not, share with us why you feel you're single.

02. What is your dream person like?

03. Your definition of love.

04. A picture that shows your definition of love.

05. Go to this site: http://www.afo.net/hftw-lovetest.asp and take the quiz about love languages. Post your results. Were you surprised by this?

06. Your first love, in great detail

07. Your first kiss

08. A letter to your first love

09. A letter to your most recent love

10. A letter to the person you hope will be your last love

11. Your dream first date

12. Top 10 Favorite Love songs

13. A song you'd want at your wedding

14. Your first crush, in great detail

15. Your favorite quote about love

16. Your favorite movie about love

17. Do you want to get married one day. If so, describe your dream ready. If not, why not?

18. A note to the person in your family that you love most.

19. A note to the friend that you love the most.

20. Your definition of the different types of love.

Got my haircut today

My fringe is a good length now, got my sides shortened and took about 5-10cm off. It's feeling a little healthier on the ends :)

08 May 2011

TICKETS rant..

I am seriously getting frustrated with myself for not getting Katy Perry tickets earlier. About a week or two ago, checked the Ticketek site for available seating and there were HEAPS of good seats available. And then I realise Katy has just had her tour on the 4th, and everyone is devastated they didnt find out about it, and then.. they realise theres ANOTHER concert. And now its like 6 days before her next one, and I find out the best seats available are at the BACK of the stage in the very corner.. omgsh -.-" A few (4-5) days ago, I checked and there were still some good seats available. I can't believe it all went just. like. THAT. *SIGH* I guess I've learnt a huuuuuuuge lesson on the speed that tickets go. I totally underestimated and thought they wouldn't go that quick -.-"

So anyway, due to my *very* important lesson. I am going to be one of the FIRST to get those Owl City tickets on the Tuesday 12th May. Go to school. Rush home. BUY TICKET. And.. hope that my friends catch the drift on getting them asap and buy them early too xD

#Note to self: there's also tours for Maroon 5 and New Empire (only $20) this year. go crazy and buy them or not? nah, maybe not. 25% chance maroon 5. 55% chance for new empire. we'll see..

07 May 2011

Ignore This Rant..

Oh my goodness, if I had a router, I could use my mac, PC, other PC, iTouch and DS and it could all connect to the internet! Why didn't I think of that earlier.. I feel like I just had an epiphany haha. xD

Not a tomboy, not a pimp?

A little something personal about myself that I'm not quite sure I should put on this blog, because of the bad opinions/impressions I might get, but.. here goes.

Hmm.. I find it easier to befriend and hang out with guys rather than girls. I guess that seeing as I'm a sensitive person, I kinda get offended easily when people talk about me, like, right in front of me.. or gossip about me.. comment on this, comment on that.. that's a thing I often notice with friends at school. With guys, I don't know, it's a little different. Not all of them are like this, but guys generally aren't as judgemental as girls are. Which is why maybe I get along with them easier? I don't consider myself a tomboy, or rather, an extreme one, because I do like to dress like a girl from time to time, go shopping, take pictures. But I also like to go out in baggy shorts, street style, play basketball, video games and all that. Maybe that's another reason.

I've actually had heaps of experiences where I've been out with my school friends to meet new girls or guys.. and.. well as soon as they left, some of the girls started talking about them. Whether it's good or bad, it doesn't really matter I guess - what does matter is that they actually start talking about them. And.. thats why.. I'm a bit scared/intimidated to make friends with girls I haven't met yet, because who knows if they do the same thing? And guys, some of them tend to do the same thing, but they're more likely to just keep it to themselves or let it pass, rather than talk to their friends about it. That's what I've noticed.

05 May 2011

A Twitter Love Song Dedication

Been spamming my twitter with lyrics of love songs ever since I fell in love with TaeYang's singing in 声をきかせて XD Seungri and Daesung's singing is dreamy in this song too @__@
What if my mission was to show you that not every girl breaks their promise, not every girl will break your heart, not every girl will leave you? I want to prove that I won't do that to you.. But how..

04 May 2011

Finally found a blog music player that continuously plays the song even if you click 'next page' and doesn't keep going back to the beginning (y)

03 May 2011

Tumblr Wants

^ want this outfit, especially the skirt and belt

A "To Do" on the weekends:
1. Paint nails any colour
2. Cut out a piece of newspaper and place on nail
3. Put rubbing alcohol on cotton bud and apply to newspaper
Done! Really want to try this out :)

02 May 2011


I'm noticing a trend with guys on facebook setting their relationship status as 'divorced' or 'widowed'.. any guy care to explain what this is all about? LOL.

@ Connie

It's pretty good ^^ I really need Wi-Fi to make it work properly though, like use the fb on it and stuff :(