25 May 2011


So I don't know if I've told you all, but my ex came back to working at the same place I do. Do you remember last Saturday how I wrote about moving on and avoiding contact with him? Well that Monday was his first day back and I was freaking out because I would be working with him for a solid 4+ hours. You could say it was the worst timing, aye? Just when I thought I would never have to see/hear about him again, he makes a comeback appearance at work.. Well it's been about a week now and I've worked with him 3 times (yesterday was the most recent). I'm actually going REALLY good :) I look at him like he's just one of the crew members. However I do try to avoid getting into situations where I talk to him. But if I do, I just talk like I normally would I guess. Umm.. the bad side is that he still manages to make me nervous and I start stammering sometimes and my movements become all awkward. I avoid eye contact most of the time.

Now this is the really strange part.. I finished work yesterday and he still had an hour to go. I was about to walk out the door and he came into the opposite direction, so with my hands full, carrying my blazer and umbrella, I went 'see ya!' and waved at him, like I do to every other person at work when I leave. And he stops me in my track and hugs me. I guess I shouldn't be worrying, because he also did that the last time we went out as 'friends' during term 1 holiday. But why is it only me?

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