10 May 2011

Day #01;

Are you in a relationship right now? If so, tell us about your other half. If not, share with us why you feel you're single.

No, I'm single :) I don't really feel single though, my heart is kinda taken by someone already and I'm sorta waiting for my second chance.. But at the same time, I'm ready to move on and just let what happens between us in the future, be. There are a few guys that I have taken slight interest in, but I'm just admiring from a distance. I really want to be in a relationship, but realistically speaking, I've got school to think about. I could be in one though. Just gotta balance stuff out I guess. Can't find the right one though. There were two guys at work that I thought were cute, but the first one doesn't seem interested, and the second one, I think it'd be better to stay as a friend, he might be a possible brother in the future :) There was another one but he seems too much like me, we have too many.. similarities. And then theres this guy, that I haven't even talked to/met yet but have seen. He plays as the guitarist at my friend's church xD But then I talked to my non-related brother and he said that he lives far away, so I think it will be hard. And he's.. 22, so about 6 years older ==" not that I mind, I prefer uni guys over high school (mainly because they're more mature and a bit more serious/realistic).

My verdict in the end..? Still searching xD I'm not very happy being single, knowing how happy I can be in relationships. I miss feeling I can share my life with someone that could make it into my future for the rest of my life. But at the same time, I learn to appreciate what I have right now. God has His plans, I'll wait. For now, I'm enjoying admiring a few and looking around :)

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