11 May 2011

Day #02;

What is your dream person like?

I can't answer this question without having him on my mind. I've already met my dream person, you see.. So basically, I'm just describing him ==" And omgsh, the list could go on for AGES. I'll just list my tops:

Age: Older
Height: Taller
Weight: Not skinny and not fat. In the middle. Chubby is okay
Belief: Christian
Nationality: Indonesian or Chindo
Appearance: Good eyes and smile and hair are a must! (though there are SOME exceptions) Perfume is REALLY good too x) Takes basic care of appearance (clean skin and hair) but isn't obsessed/perfectionist (like girls tend to be.. specifically me)
Body: NOT lanky. I accept chubby but it goes to an extent
Style: Not asian TB! I'm good with casual indo type. Maybe basketball shorts ;)
Social: Can't be quiet, preferably not shy. Good sense of humour. Confident. Can't be the popular/good looking type, I can't seem to trust them. Less childish, leaning more towards mature. Independent.
Romantically: Loyal. Likes to show public affection (and not afraid of it, but doesn't go too far). Can't be demanding/ask for much. Definitely takes the lead in the relationship. Spontaneous. Connects relationship to marriage, but doesn't suddenly go all serious business. Not extremely open.
Hobbies: Basketball or soccer, Guitar, playing video games (to an extent), likes to go out.
Other: Serious about his future, works hard :) It would be really good if he can cook :)

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