17 May 2011

Day #06;

Your first love, in great detail

I'll be honest with you all, I don't know if I've had a first love. All my relationships ended too quickly to find out. None of them managed to reach the 2 month mark. Except one. I do think that Tingwu was the first guy I was serious about though. With the others, I either lost interest in them, or they lost interest in me. Hmm.. Now we all know my most recent ex was the one who made it through to 3 months. But readers of my blog would know nearly all my feelings about him right now. It'd be useless to go over that again. So instead, I'll talk about a BIT of our beginning story :D Since I have little hope we'll be together in the future anyway, I'm sure he wouldn't mind xD And I'm also sharing this because this is something I don't think I've told anyone about - the truth about the beginning xD

We met through work. First time I saw him was when I came there for the first time ever and filled out an application form with Jess and Teresa. That time, I didn't really pay much attention to him, because he only collected our forms. Then the story skips to when I was still in my junior days, already starting out but really new to the whole scene, only been working a couple of days. Rina, the shift manager and match-maker at that time, proposed that Richard take me to the bus stop when I had just finished my shift, because he was on his break at that time. He agreed and said why not. We had our first talk, and it was really casual. Again, didn't really pay much attention to him. I did notice how he was friendly though, through his tone of voice. Then I think months past, I never really had much of an impression of him because he was in college and I was definitely not interested in those types of guys (at the time). Hmm.. we had quite a few shifts together. I distinctly remember how whenever he walked into the store and I waved, he never was the type of person to wave back. It was strange, but I was okay with it, didn't offend me or anything. Anyway more weeks past and things happened with Billy. When we reached our end around July/August 2010, I was quite upset. Then some significant things started happening. I got my braces off. And one night shift, Richard talked to me during work. And Indonesia. I remember him talking about how he would take me around one day. I even asked if I could ride on a motorbike with him instead of have him drive me around, because I've always thought riding on one was much more fun :) Jessica Lay started noticing things (the smart girl she is) but I was completely oblivious, I thought he was just being friendly. Then came the day. That he offered to pick me up from work when I finished my shift at night, around 8pm I think? He actually came earlier and sat down facing the counter direction. He was being sweet, and wrote/drew my name on a paint application on his ipod. I think I did something similar. Then he wrote my name on a paper napkin, all decorated and it had the date and my favourite lyrics on it. I can't believe I was still oblivious LOL. I never knew he liked me. When I finished work, we walked to the bus stop and talked for ages waiting for the bus to come. It was heaps cold. I remember him making advances on me, yet I was still clueless. Omg. He put his arm on my shoulder and that. Seems reasonable enough to think it was friendly though right? The bus didn't come, so he proposed that we walk all the way to Kensington to catch the bus. He always suggested we catch taxi but I knew it was expensive so I always refused. Lucky I did, even if I came home super late that day. I was shivering like crazy. So he held my hand the whole way. Sometimes our fingers interlocked. How stupid was I to think that it was all because I was just 'cold' and he wanted to keep me warm? I still thought he was being friendly but yes, it was quite awkward. We reached a traffic light. And he embraced me in a full hug when we waited. Cant believe I still remember this XD When we crossed the road, the bus stop was there, so we waited. This time he was closer than usual and looked into my eyes, and asked me what colour his eyes were. I said brown. He said mines were black but I said they're the same as his. And then he told me he was slightly colour blind or something. That time, looking into his eyes.. were so mesmerising. I remember seeing something special and warm in them. Anyway. We took the bus to Kingsford. Then he walked me around the road where the 343 bus stop was, but opposite it and heading in the direction of my house. Oh, I remember now. He told me he wanted to say something but didn't know how or where. I remember that I kept asking him, 'when?' or 'where?' and this time it was getting close. But I still didn't realise. When we reached the corner he told me to stop, and walked me over to the wall. Then.. he advanced so close that I leaned on the wall and then, he placed his arm behind me, onto it,and he looked into my eyes.. and asked me then and there. 'Will you be my girlfriend?'

To be continued..

Ahaha nah, I better leave the story there. It was my dream night.

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