17 May 2011

Day #07;

Your first kiss

wasn't until.. my forth ex, Billy xD I was really self-conscious back then and didn't want my first one to turn out bad so.. I stayed away from it for so long that by the end our relationship ended, it never happened >< I don't know, I guess I was just comfortable with holding hands and hugging, that was as far as I wanted to go back then. I reckon it was actually a good thing, how I was able to have a boyfriend that I could just connect with through talking like we're best friends and being comfortable around each other. Not count on the physical stuff, you know. But then again, maybe that's why most of my relationships ended fast, it was all talk >< My most recent ex changed EVERYTHING around though, in that relationship I changed the way I showed my affection and went for physical more than social/emotional. I let my actions do all the talking. Anyway.. Hmm.. I think that's all I wanted to say about this topic, there's not much to say :)

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