21 May 2011

Day #09;

A letter to your most recent love

Ahaha must I go through this? Writing letters to him is like second nature now, I honestly can't count how many handwritten letters I've given to him, especially when we parted ways. But now that I'm kind of over unrequited love, I guess it's been a while. Here goes.

Dear love,

I hope you're happier without me around. You probably would've noticed by now that I no longer want to hear from you, but remember that you pushed me away first, not me. I don't want to have to go through the pain of going through your facebook or twitter and hearing these statuses about girls that are not me. I don't want to 'hope' anymore that that girl is me, because who am I kidding? It's just wishful thinking. But.. as much as I want to forget about you, a part of me still wants to love you, whether it be friends or more than that. Despite all the cold things I said just then, it's only because you've hurt me so much to the point that I wish that you could, for once, realise how much damage you've done. But I care about you too much to want to hurt you as much as you did to me. In the end.. all I hope for is that.. maybe one day our paths will cross again.

emilyjane x

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