31 May 2011

Day #18;

A note to the person in your family you love the most

Out of all honesty, this is the most stupid question I've ever heard - I love them all with all my heart. Sure, my sister may be annoying at times, and my dad may rage at the smallest things, and my mom may lecture me for this and that, but there's no such thing as perfect and I've learnt to appreciate what I have. Not that I have ever not appreciated them, my mom and dad have raised me for years on end to form part of who I am today. I take too many things for granted, but when I stop to think for a while, I realise they sacrificed so much for me to give me a roof for my head, to cater to my every food needs and 'wants', provide entertainment, quality education and grant some of my wishes for all these luxuries. And my sister. She is my number one supporter and fan, the way I act towards her, the stuff I like to do and the attitude I have towards people all seem amazing to her.. that is until I start to shout or get annoyed, then I wonder if it actually will affect the way she treats people in the future. What would happen if she was never here? Never there to play games with me? Talk to me when I'm sad? Instantly like everything I like? My life wouldn't be the same without my family. I love them all too much.

So, I guess I'll finally start my letter.. Wait, no, I just want them to read what I just wrote above. Because that is my letter :)

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