07 May 2011

Not a tomboy, not a pimp?

A little something personal about myself that I'm not quite sure I should put on this blog, because of the bad opinions/impressions I might get, but.. here goes.

Hmm.. I find it easier to befriend and hang out with guys rather than girls. I guess that seeing as I'm a sensitive person, I kinda get offended easily when people talk about me, like, right in front of me.. or gossip about me.. comment on this, comment on that.. that's a thing I often notice with friends at school. With guys, I don't know, it's a little different. Not all of them are like this, but guys generally aren't as judgemental as girls are. Which is why maybe I get along with them easier? I don't consider myself a tomboy, or rather, an extreme one, because I do like to dress like a girl from time to time, go shopping, take pictures. But I also like to go out in baggy shorts, street style, play basketball, video games and all that. Maybe that's another reason.

I've actually had heaps of experiences where I've been out with my school friends to meet new girls or guys.. and.. well as soon as they left, some of the girls started talking about them. Whether it's good or bad, it doesn't really matter I guess - what does matter is that they actually start talking about them. And.. thats why.. I'm a bit scared/intimidated to make friends with girls I haven't met yet, because who knows if they do the same thing? And guys, some of them tend to do the same thing, but they're more likely to just keep it to themselves or let it pass, rather than talk to their friends about it. That's what I've noticed.

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