08 May 2011

TICKETS rant..

I am seriously getting frustrated with myself for not getting Katy Perry tickets earlier. About a week or two ago, checked the Ticketek site for available seating and there were HEAPS of good seats available. And then I realise Katy has just had her tour on the 4th, and everyone is devastated they didnt find out about it, and then.. they realise theres ANOTHER concert. And now its like 6 days before her next one, and I find out the best seats available are at the BACK of the stage in the very corner.. omgsh -.-" A few (4-5) days ago, I checked and there were still some good seats available. I can't believe it all went just. like. THAT. *SIGH* I guess I've learnt a huuuuuuuge lesson on the speed that tickets go. I totally underestimated and thought they wouldn't go that quick -.-"

So anyway, due to my *very* important lesson. I am going to be one of the FIRST to get those Owl City tickets on the Tuesday 12th May. Go to school. Rush home. BUY TICKET. And.. hope that my friends catch the drift on getting them asap and buy them early too xD

#Note to self: there's also tours for Maroon 5 and New Empire (only $20) this year. go crazy and buy them or not? nah, maybe not. 25% chance maroon 5. 55% chance for new empire. we'll see..

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