22 June 2011

The beggar

Today I went out into the city until 6:30pm-ish and waited to catch the bus home. Plugged my earphones in and then this woman comes up with a stroller and starts talking to me. I could tell she was a beggar I moved out of her way because I thought she was going to shout at me or something. But instead she starts talking to me so I quickly remove my earphones, missing out on half her talking but she goes "...thankyou (probably for taking out my earphones? lol). i have a child here *points to some figure hidden under a blanket* I was wondering if you could donate.." etc etc I didn't even bother to listen, just gave her $2 because I was scared she would argue with me or something. I did notice that the blanket wasn't moving at all though, and it seemed awfully flat. I was like in my head 'I'm so being conned, there aint no baby under there...' lol but I gave it anyway. She thanks me and goes off. About 10 minutes later I see her again, coming in the opposite direction and asking other people for money.. And in place of the 'baby' in the trolley, theres.. a DOG! Dammit, double conned LOL. oh well, interesting story.

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