30 June 2011

Last Days in Sydney; +Updates!

So as you all know, I'm leaving on Sunday to spend my winter holiday in Indonesia. I'm really excited to become all touristy again and kinda go impulse shopping (this holiday's spending theme is CLOTHES!) as well as soak in my hometown's culture - Ayam Goreng 99 is as close as Indonesians can get to the real food back at home :) But at the same time, I have this sinking feeling in my heart because I won't be there for Connie's birthday, her birthday party and the SMASH anime convention :( not to mention I won't be studying for the exams that I have as soon as school starts the day after I come back! T__T

Speaking of the anime convention, which I mentioned about cosplaying for, a couple of months back, I guess I won't be experiencing my first 'cosplay' attempt. Oh well, maybe next year. But to prepare for it, I'm planning to get my costume made in Indonesia! Since it's much more cheaper. I have decided to go with Clannad's summer uniform :)

Anyway, some updates on what's happened lately.. Umm I've been spending this whole week at Business Services work placement @ Richardson and Wrench, Maroubra. The staff are so friendly (well most of them anyway), that I reckon I'll actually miss them when I end tomorrow D: I really like my supervisors, Rod and Lester - they're the typical office guys that.. well I dunno how else to say it.. have a 'cool' vibe? They chuck jokes, drive really cool cars, turn the music up loud and drive like crazy.. haha. I really like the receptionist/accountant, Sherly and the sales consultant, Megan too. They're nice to talk to and hang around :) Then, theres this guy Bill.. thats really strange. He only looks at Angela, not me ==" Whenever he's talking to the both of us, I seem interested but he never makes eye contact with me. It's like I'm not even there.. And one time I decided to be friendly and say 'Good morning!' and he looks at Angela like she said it! well, whatever.. he kinda intimidates me anyway -.-" Work placement is really a bludge, we spend so much time doing nothing, and we're allowed to go on facebook and all that, but we dont go on very often, in case it leaves a bad impression on the workers. We do go on property inspections though, which is really fun :) And thats about it for that..

Today I went shopping and bought myself a couple of things - firstly, FINALLY got myself a good ipod case and screen protector that was 60% off each. From $30 to $10 for the case. ^^ Although its MUCH too late, I've only had my ipod for around 2 months and the back has so much scratches that are enough to make it seem like I've had it for 1 year+ -__-" Most importantly.. FINAL FANTASY XIII IS NOW IN MY HANDS!! seriously, about time xD I've only ever owned Final Fantasy VII, which has super old graphics and runs on PS1, but is what caused to love the whole idea of FF, because the storyline was heaps good. now all i need is a PS3 to be able to start gaming, which my friend is willing to lend to me tomorrow. So I'm all set ;) And lastly, also bought pretty good flats (about time too) for $15. My first pair of own flats actually. I can only fit the ones with a flexible sole, because the width of my feet is thin and doesn't suit the flats that have a sturdy sole. Anyway I'll be using those a lot now, no need for my mum's anymore :)

And.. thats it. Tomorrow after my last day of work placement, I'm collecting my new glasses and contacts. I feel so relieved I don't have to wear my old frames anymore xD Yes.. I might take a picture when I get them ^^

If any of you want anything from Indo, ask away :D

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  1. D': your leaving so sooon !!
    :( have fun in indonesiaaaa =)

    you didnt talk about hendra? D;