23 July 2011

My new wardrobe

Should consist of these:

Haha I realise now that most of them are skirts and singlets with a short length jacket XD

08 July 2011

Holiday in Indonesia: Bandung

I just arrived in Bandung yesterday and I'm staying over at my cousin's house =D
The weather here is so nice, its not really hot at all, and its actually very cold at night :O
The malls here.. are.. omgsh.. compared to Sydney's malls, here is MUCH more better. They actually make an effort to decorate the entire place with statues, water fountains, fairy lights in the trees and all that ^^ I know I'll be taking a lot of photos here.. hahaha =p
I'm really enjoying hanging out with my cousin, and sleeping over at her place.. actually feels more like having a sleepover at a friend's house XD
Hmm.. anyway I'm just about to head out now and head to some malls, so until then..

I miss everyone in Sydney btw! :(

05 July 2011

Holiday in Indonesia: Day 1

Went to Metropolitan Mall and bought a pair of jeans that are identical in colour to my current ones, except its more skinny and longer. Does that mean I've lost a lot of weight? Hmm.. ==" I also got about 3 shirts and hazel and grey contacts ^^ All together in total it came to about.. $50? Its pretty good seeing as jeans in Australia are like $70 + -.-"

I tried a caramel frappuchino from starbucks for the first time, it was so good! D:

And that was it for that day..

01 July 2011

Nicki Minaj

I don't really know my opinion on her.. First time I saw her was on tumblr, used as all these GIFs for months on end. And NOW I finally know who she is :L I guess she'll be really famous soon, since its always really weird videos that get famous.. like anything from Lady Gaga, or 'Friday' by Rebecca Black.. The things celebrities do these days to catch everyone's attention.. hahahah.. She IS a really good rapper though..

Final Fantasy XIII

It's only the first day and I'm already pretty addicted - the graphics are amazing! If I had a better TV, I'd be able to plug in HD and the gameplay would probably be better ^^ The battle sequences are a complete turn around compared to FFVII, and it took a while to get used to. I had to admit, for the first hour, I really preferred the old battle sequence. But an hour later it's actually not too bad =]

Before - Final Fantasy VII (7)

After - Final Fantasy XIII (13)