31 August 2011

Rank Plummet

I went from 2nd in IPT to 10th rank!! 2ND LAST IN THE CLASS!! my mum/dad is gonna keeeeeeeeeeel me T________T

30 August 2011

Old Memories

Random stuff I've screen printed and kept for years XD
Travis' Pact

Tingwu's p/m

Coincidental p/ms?

28 August 2011

*Sense of achievement*

Well tonight, I spent a solid 3.5 hours, no internet connection whatsoever, totally focused on my speech. By the time it was 10:30pm, done! :D :D although in total its 1 min over the max limit.. looks like no early sleep for me tonight T__T

.. now, if I only I could do this for the rest of my schooling life =_____="

18 August 2011

Tuesday night I dreamt about two different things - first one was being excited to go to work because they renovated the kitchen area and included black tile flooring making it really modern-looking? Second one was that I moved to a high school full of asians and people came up to me saying there was a blind person who liked me and wanted to meet me? So I headed down these stairs to some outdoor basketball courts (similar to the stairs at school down to the netball courts) and there were heaps of guys there playing basketball, and that blind guy was one of them yet he played like a person who could see o.o He was pretty tall too.. And I could tell it was him because his eyes were that foggy dark grey colour.. I think as I walked towards him some people stopped to stare because I was the only girl there.. It was weird because I never met him before and he wouldn't have 'seen' me around because he was blind, yet from probably hearing about me, he liked me? Yeah, strange dream.. I dunno if it means something :S

So I dont know if I've ever said this before, but I sometimes believe that dreams have hidden meanings in them, since the bible always references to God communicating to people through dreams. I read somewhere that science says that dreams are just made up of people who you have seen before, whether it be one second glance at them on the street etc. and I think that's true, everything we dream of will always come from something we've already seen, just maybe in a different form. But yeah I reckon it can  also be interpreted to mean something XD

11 August 2011

VIP or gold tickets?

I don't even care if I'm going to the K-Pop music fest, I'm buying tickets anyway XD But which one should I get? One of each or both VIP? Damnn they're so expensive, $100 difference between gold and VIP, but I'm guessing its worth it T__T I feel more prepared for this than Owl City, and even downloaded/listened to all the groups I haven't listened to before.. Suddenly into K-Pop again lol -__- I think I'll end up getting 2 VIPs and make a profit out of one.. I wonder how I can convince my mum to let me to go this one.. since she JUST about let me go to Owl City because it was 'sensible' music.. while K-Pop is.. omgsh lol so much difference =p ah.. what should I doooo..

05 August 2011

400th post

I always turn out to be who I said I would never be or even think of being..

Babyy face!

My sister always has channel ABC on after school and I couldn't help but notice this guy called Alan Shaw is REALLY cute and he looks like he's pouting most of the time loool


- the price of the silicone keyboard cover I bought for my mac, and first item bought using my prepaid visa o.o i know what you're thinking, there are so much more cheaper ones on ebay, but I had to choose this one because I was looking specifically for baby blue and theres like.. none!! >< I dont even know if it will fit, the title of the product says 17 inch but in the description box it says its compatible for 13, 15 and 17 inch. Then I researched a bit on the internet and apparently the keyboard size is generally the same for all macs.. Quoting a website, "They all feature the same excellent backlit keyboard (keyboard size is constant across all models" but that was for the macbook pro.. meh, if it doesnt fit, it just cant fit I guess =/

This is the colour I chose:

And I bought a star projector! :D 30c extra than most, but if 30c means its estimated delivery time is a day earlier than most, and that it comes from a seller with a higher positive feedback and heaps of feedback scores.. then it should be more reliable right? ^^

01 August 2011


So I finally got a chance to play this game at city hunter :D
(because my internet back at home is too slow to download the game)
I'm kinda disappointed because the beginning doesn't offer many personalisations of the character (which was what I was hoping for) so in the end I had to give it a sailor girl uniform and a sword -__-"
I guess the gameplay is alright, so far I've just been fighting these little white balls (they kinda look like dango) and just going from portal to portal getting tutorials by all these mystical creatures. That is it so far (: And then I realised that fb just recently released a Maplestory Adventures game as well and so I decided to play it but while waiting for the screen the load, I decided.. WAIT. NO. I'll be sooo distracted by this game.. So I didn't play it.