05 August 2011


- the price of the silicone keyboard cover I bought for my mac, and first item bought using my prepaid visa o.o i know what you're thinking, there are so much more cheaper ones on ebay, but I had to choose this one because I was looking specifically for baby blue and theres like.. none!! >< I dont even know if it will fit, the title of the product says 17 inch but in the description box it says its compatible for 13, 15 and 17 inch. Then I researched a bit on the internet and apparently the keyboard size is generally the same for all macs.. Quoting a website, "They all feature the same excellent backlit keyboard (keyboard size is constant across all models" but that was for the macbook pro.. meh, if it doesnt fit, it just cant fit I guess =/

This is the colour I chose:

And I bought a star projector! :D 30c extra than most, but if 30c means its estimated delivery time is a day earlier than most, and that it comes from a seller with a higher positive feedback and heaps of feedback scores.. then it should be more reliable right? ^^

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