01 August 2011


So I finally got a chance to play this game at city hunter :D
(because my internet back at home is too slow to download the game)
I'm kinda disappointed because the beginning doesn't offer many personalisations of the character (which was what I was hoping for) so in the end I had to give it a sailor girl uniform and a sword -__-"
I guess the gameplay is alright, so far I've just been fighting these little white balls (they kinda look like dango) and just going from portal to portal getting tutorials by all these mystical creatures. That is it so far (: And then I realised that fb just recently released a Maplestory Adventures game as well and so I decided to play it but while waiting for the screen the load, I decided.. WAIT. NO. I'll be sooo distracted by this game.. So I didn't play it.

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