11 August 2011

VIP or gold tickets?

I don't even care if I'm going to the K-Pop music fest, I'm buying tickets anyway XD But which one should I get? One of each or both VIP? Damnn they're so expensive, $100 difference between gold and VIP, but I'm guessing its worth it T__T I feel more prepared for this than Owl City, and even downloaded/listened to all the groups I haven't listened to before.. Suddenly into K-Pop again lol -__- I think I'll end up getting 2 VIPs and make a profit out of one.. I wonder how I can convince my mum to let me to go this one.. since she JUST about let me go to Owl City because it was 'sensible' music.. while K-Pop is.. omgsh lol so much difference =p ah.. what should I doooo..

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