30 September 2011

30th September

Today I was pretty geed to meet and work with amelia for the first time, yet she's worked for very close to almost a year Dx My first impression is.. she's really pretty xD She has the nice Indonesian eyes/smile that strangely remind me of natisa O.o Just from first time meeting her, I can tell she has all the good genes. She's quite talented - can play guitar and piano and she's studying for B engineering!! :O :O And after she left work, my other work friend told me she comes from a wealthy family (topic came up because she was carrying a burberry bag :L). Of course, she has a really nice personality to top it off :D

That was pretty much the highlight of my day :)
So far I've been working for the whole of this week (with the weekend off) wheww.. monday is public holiday meaning double pay!! :D hoping for manager to extend my shift an extra hour at the very least, 4-10pm instead of 5pm! ><

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