19 September 2011

Heart Attack?!

asdfghjkl im getting paranoid with this chest pain I keep on getting, it didn't just stop after that night I spent until like 2am, it kept going to this day T__T as well as these back shoulder pains I've been getting recently, about 2 weeks ago? I thought it was just because I kept going on my laptop while laying on my bed, back up, but nooo I'm starting to get scared.. I don't want to dieee at a young age, HELP ME!!!


  1. what the heck... did you even bother going to the doctor..?

    it's probably from bad posture (for the back pain) and for the chest pain, it's probably due to a bad died. ie. you eat too much oil food and your body cannot filter it out enough. I suggest eating more healthy foods, and stay away from fried and 'junky' food for a little while.
    Also, try drinking some milk. In the case of acid reflux (i've had it before. it was horrible) it neutralises the acids in your stomach to some degree. And yes, i know how you hate milk, but still, a cup won't hurt, and it won't do you any bad either.

    and if you havn't been having enough calcium lately, it might case your bones to be weak and prone to the discomfort your getting in your back?

    just some suggestions...

  2. nah i havent gone yet for the reason that it might be because of stuff like you mentioned =/ thanks for the suggestions :)