19 September 2011


Wow.. had the strangest dream last night, that I became the step-daughter of Taeyang because he married my mum (but in my dream she looked Korean) and no one would believe me but I was there to witness their marriage. They didn't have a wedding, it was just me, my mum, Taeyang and the priest and we went out into the park, my mum in her wedding dress and him in his suit and I stood their witnessing the event. But then.. the priest couldn't continue on because the parents of both parties wasn't there as witnesses? So it got cancelled :(

Then the dream skipped again, but this time he was marrying my cousin and it was a more public event? I felt like I wouldn't be able to talk to him though because I wasn't that close with my cousin, so it would mean we were less related.. and I was afraid he would only see me as a 'fangirl' =/

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