29 October 2011


Is it about time that I take that dust/dirt ridden plastic sheet off my laptop..? But there's been so many times that I accidently spilled drinks and dropped food in that area and it saved my laptop from getting dirty.. ><

22 October 2011

Little Lamb

I remember going there once for Scott's birthday and the restaurant was small and all but I liked the food there :) and im kinda craving it at the moment.. i wanna go there tomorrow!

Oh, I forgot

I need a replacement ring for my necklace :O
My current one lost its colour and looks black.. wahaha

19 October 2011

Requested Wishlist

#01 CLOTHES! I am a size 8-10 :)
I need more bright yellow clothes in my wardrobe hehe

#02 Sunshine Angel Drama on DVD with Eng Subs

#03 All About Girls' Generation "Paradise In Phuket" DVD with Eng Subs

#04 Typo white flip clock

#05 Typo "Message In A Box" mini postcards (52 pack)

#06 Typo fairy light lanterns: vvv pattern below is my favourite ^^

I don't really like making these wishlists for my birthday, because really, I'm happy with anything you think I'd like. Homemade presents are nice.. HUGS. are nice ^^ Nothing! is nice ahahaha :) If everyone is free next Saturday I feel like watching something scary, like Paranormal Activity 3. My shout :) But then after that I'd have NO idea what to do.. Oh! Joy and I should combine our party maybe ^^ Because Im a horrible organiser and they say two heads is better than one x.x Plus her bday is EXACTLY on a saturday! she'll be the star for the day.. not that she wasnt to begin with kekeke xD

10 October 2011

Sleep is a strong anesthetic

I hate how I may be absolutely mad/angry at a guy I like, but the next day my feelings go back to base one and anything bad I've said the day before, I now regret, even if they well and truly deserved it.

Perfect example: yesterday. After all has been done I ask you only to find out you played with my feelings and used it against me. I was so furious. But after going to bed that night and waking up to today I found myself missing you. MISSING YOU. I honestly have to say to myself: what. the. heck.

Do something unforgiving to me, but after a sleep, all is forgiven and the anger is diminished like nothing happened.

08 October 2011

Feeling sad..

that holidays will be over and HSC year will start in less than 2 days.. im not ready to give up lazing around and watching shows and going out and peaceful time at home learning stuff at my own pace T~T

Facebook: 3 Uploaded Videos

Are they filtered so only the people tagged and myself can view it?
I want to let everyone else see it too but I know some people were surprised when they found out I was recording, so I don't want to upload stuff without their permission, so instead I only filtered it to those who attended the event.. Oh but how about selena and mim :O

07 October 2011

Coke Family

One day we are going to get a collection of named coke bottles for the whole family and for my dad to get his custom made at westfield pitt st :D

In the meantime, this seeing this made my sister happy ^^

03 October 2011

Weird habit..

I always feel obliged to pay for something if a person doesn't enjoy whatever it is they're eating/drinking or doing, and its partially my fault O.o
Like.. if I recommend a drink flavour but they end up chucking it, I feel bad and want to repay them in some way.. or if i want to go watch a movie and i insist on watching it but they found it boring.. I feel really bad and want to repay them :(

I want to fall for you

..but I cant..
We have the same interests, as you once said 'I'm like the male version of you', you're good looking (well in my eyes anyway) and you're interested in me too..
You're just using me. You don't like me for who I am. And your thoughts.. are just so.. impure..
It's obvious you go for pretty girls, but when I compare myself to them.. I can not match up to them..
I can tell you're not looking for a relationship either.
You're just like me.