19 October 2011

Requested Wishlist

#01 CLOTHES! I am a size 8-10 :)
I need more bright yellow clothes in my wardrobe hehe

#02 Sunshine Angel Drama on DVD with Eng Subs

#03 All About Girls' Generation "Paradise In Phuket" DVD with Eng Subs

#04 Typo white flip clock

#05 Typo "Message In A Box" mini postcards (52 pack)

#06 Typo fairy light lanterns: vvv pattern below is my favourite ^^

I don't really like making these wishlists for my birthday, because really, I'm happy with anything you think I'd like. Homemade presents are nice.. HUGS. are nice ^^ Nothing! is nice ahahaha :) If everyone is free next Saturday I feel like watching something scary, like Paranormal Activity 3. My shout :) But then after that I'd have NO idea what to do.. Oh! Joy and I should combine our party maybe ^^ Because Im a horrible organiser and they say two heads is better than one x.x Plus her bday is EXACTLY on a saturday! she'll be the star for the day.. not that she wasnt to begin with kekeke xD

1 comment:

  1. Hi Emily, i would like to know if you have "Message In A Box" mini postcards (52 pack)
    and whether u willing to sell it out?
    Please reply to sscindy90@hotmail.com