10 October 2011

Sleep is a strong anesthetic

I hate how I may be absolutely mad/angry at a guy I like, but the next day my feelings go back to base one and anything bad I've said the day before, I now regret, even if they well and truly deserved it.

Perfect example: yesterday. After all has been done I ask you only to find out you played with my feelings and used it against me. I was so furious. But after going to bed that night and waking up to today I found myself missing you. MISSING YOU. I honestly have to say to myself: what. the. heck.

Do something unforgiving to me, but after a sleep, all is forgiven and the anger is diminished like nothing happened.


  1. Omgosh! I'm like that too! ALL THE TIME!

  2. Not alone there. Guys suck. They need to be the guilty ones for once. Especially when they're the one at fault. Like serious, wtf.