29 November 2011


My eyes feel very tired/sensitive today and they cant handle natural light at the moment, its so blinding!! Dx

25 November 2011

Wrap Up for the week (photo blogging)

Today I will attempt to photo blog on the events of this week :)

Today ends the last day of work placement!
All I can say is that after that experience, I actually feel excited to be working back at HJ next week hahaha. No more office work for me :)

It's been 5 days since I last got this new wallet and I really really like it ^^

I bought these last week actually, as a 'fuel' and kind of motivation for my hardcore study sessions. Guess what? I never did end up studying...

Hmm.. back to today, this is what was being prepared when I came home this afternoon.. and this picture shows the end result - its a castle made of two layered jelly and berries inside!! but because the bottom layer was purple and the top layer was light pink, it looks like the whole thing is purple.. meh.

HAHAH how cute is this?! took it just a few moments ago, from an ipod app (Snoopy's Fair) where you set up stalls on a street and earn money from passerbys. Theres a photobooth one and it comes with a variety of cute themes like the one below.

And that's my photo blog for this week :D

24 November 2011

I was gonna say..

Theres only korean girl groups / guy groups but never a mix.. and then I see this today: http://www.allkpop.com/2011/11/cube-to-launch-co-ed-unit-trouble-maker-with-b2sts-hyunseung-and-hyuna and im like, okay, so now theres one. cool.

22 November 2011

So short..

I remember blogging about this months ago, but just out of boredom, decided to compare my height and weight with SNSD members again.. even the shortest member Sunny is taller than me by a few cm, she's 158cm and I'm 156cm! I could be wrong about my height, maybe I'm a few cm taller or shorter, but I just measured it just then so cbb being accurate hahah. I'm ashamed of my height, I'm so short! Standing next to one of them, I'd feel like a little girl, especially next to Sooyoung who is 170cm >__<" (woah, wait is that even possible? she's.. 14cm higher than me?!)

Speaking of that, in chinese school no one can tell I'm in year 12 because.. I'm exactly the same height or shorter than some of the year 6's and year 7's in my class! I'll reference to Danica in year 7, because I'm sure most you know her. Well.. she's around the same height as me, maybe even taller, even if we're.. 5 years different...... I dont know what to say. I honestly do feel like a child when I go to that place.

Hectic Schedule

So many things on this week!

I got my biology tutoring homework due this thursday, a Chinese exam on saturday, 1 assignment due and one in-class assessment to study for next monday, guitar practise to prepare for sunday and work placement for the whole of this week which doesnt let me have time to do anything that is not, well.. work related!! SIGH.

edit: AND a maths test!! (kirsty reminded me)

12 November 2011

K-Pop preparation ~

This is what I'm wearing to K-Pop! Except with a blazer, and a black backpack for my bag :)

If it wasn't for the gold stripes on my dress, I'd be dressed in 100% black, no joking D:

11 November 2011

Bottled/Canned coffee experiences

They sell tons online, but overseas 4 packs for $9.99 with $11.95 shipping Dx Oh, I just randomly  saw one exactly the same price but with $44 shipping. WTHHHH. I was thinking they would sell them in the American confectionery shops in the city but my friend said they dont, so..

A few months ago I tried a canned Nescafe coffee drink in Latte, its really sweet. Many might not like the 'watery sugary coffee' taste that is often associated with canned coffee drinks, but for my tastes it's actually quite nice :)

And about a year ago, I purchased this Korean coffee bottle from an Asian shop but they don't sell it anymore :(


I'm getting unbelievably excited for kpop!!
I did my research a couple of months back and know a few hit songs from each group :) hmm.. except for MBLAQ.. in particular so geed for snsd and max changmin from tvxq :D

10 November 2011

Bubblegum Frozen Fanta

coming to HJ next week, I hope it tastes nice :O

Study theory

The more you study, the more pressure is placed on you to do well, thus the more stressed you are.
These are my following reactions:
Minimal studying + do okay in the exam = surprise
Full studying + do bad in the exam = disappointment
Minimal studying + do bad in the exam = well.. -ahem-
Full studying + do well in the exam = genius :)

09 November 2011

Getting arty/tumblr inspired ~

Delivery package

Today my clothing arrived in the mail! I'm sure everyone feels the same, but I'm super excited to receive packages in the mail :) Actually, on my birthday a friend dropped by and left a present at my doorstep while I was still at school, and I thought it was really thoughtful kekeke ^^

Anyway I thought I would blog my experience on unwrapping the clothes =) and.. sorry for the bad arrangement of photos, so hard to line them properly :(

The packaging! ^^
One more layer
of packaging to remove! ~
And this is the plastic covering! this is the last one =D

The final product!
A shirt hoodie,
very light material
and good for summer :)


^ the magic code to enter forbidden places (like forests)
Kirsty and Joy will get this ;)

05 November 2011

Why the dark side comes out at dark

Hey there, its been a while :)
Lately (well, a few minutes ago) I had the urge to blog about something personal, and then I realised, why do I always tend to blog the emotional, dark things at night? I think it's because I know I usually regret posting stuff like this online (I was surprised at how many people secretly follow my updates even if they dont have a blogger), so if the morning after I realise maybe I've said too much, I can just delete it knowing that maybe it got around to just one or two readers.

And about this 'dark' post, I feel tonight's not the right time to say it.. it's too late into the night and I feel like if I write it down now, it'd take me half an hour to finish ranting.. so anticipate one soon.. maybe ^^
This 'maybe' upcoming post will be based on my feelings towards my most recent 'guy' and something that I don't think I've told anyone yet.. :S