22 November 2011

So short..

I remember blogging about this months ago, but just out of boredom, decided to compare my height and weight with SNSD members again.. even the shortest member Sunny is taller than me by a few cm, she's 158cm and I'm 156cm! I could be wrong about my height, maybe I'm a few cm taller or shorter, but I just measured it just then so cbb being accurate hahah. I'm ashamed of my height, I'm so short! Standing next to one of them, I'd feel like a little girl, especially next to Sooyoung who is 170cm >__<" (woah, wait is that even possible? she's.. 14cm higher than me?!)

Speaking of that, in chinese school no one can tell I'm in year 12 because.. I'm exactly the same height or shorter than some of the year 6's and year 7's in my class! I'll reference to Danica in year 7, because I'm sure most you know her. Well.. she's around the same height as me, maybe even taller, even if we're.. 5 years different...... I dont know what to say. I honestly do feel like a child when I go to that place.

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