05 November 2011

Why the dark side comes out at dark

Hey there, its been a while :)
Lately (well, a few minutes ago) I had the urge to blog about something personal, and then I realised, why do I always tend to blog the emotional, dark things at night? I think it's because I know I usually regret posting stuff like this online (I was surprised at how many people secretly follow my updates even if they dont have a blogger), so if the morning after I realise maybe I've said too much, I can just delete it knowing that maybe it got around to just one or two readers.

And about this 'dark' post, I feel tonight's not the right time to say it.. it's too late into the night and I feel like if I write it down now, it'd take me half an hour to finish ranting.. so anticipate one soon.. maybe ^^
This 'maybe' upcoming post will be based on my feelings towards my most recent 'guy' and something that I don't think I've told anyone yet.. :S

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