25 November 2011

Wrap Up for the week (photo blogging)

Today I will attempt to photo blog on the events of this week :)

Today ends the last day of work placement!
All I can say is that after that experience, I actually feel excited to be working back at HJ next week hahaha. No more office work for me :)

It's been 5 days since I last got this new wallet and I really really like it ^^

I bought these last week actually, as a 'fuel' and kind of motivation for my hardcore study sessions. Guess what? I never did end up studying...

Hmm.. back to today, this is what was being prepared when I came home this afternoon.. and this picture shows the end result - its a castle made of two layered jelly and berries inside!! but because the bottom layer was purple and the top layer was light pink, it looks like the whole thing is purple.. meh.

HAHAH how cute is this?! took it just a few moments ago, from an ipod app (Snoopy's Fair) where you set up stalls on a street and earn money from passerbys. Theres a photobooth one and it comes with a variety of cute themes like the one below.

And that's my photo blog for this week :D

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