18 December 2011

Family of 2

Today I waved goodbye to my sister and dad at the international terminal as they headed off to Jakarta :)
Now it's just me and my mum, and yes, theres always that time where I have the urge to ask my mum 'when are dad and jess coming home?' and then yeah, I realise they're overseas lol. feels strange without them. that means no more driving lessons for now.. not to mention not being driven anywhere o__o guess i gotta try change my shift times for work so i can go home early (and not 9 - 10pm)..

Anyways after the airport headed to church @ city and met up with the group at this really nice indonesian restaurant called Dilima (on Dixon St) and oh. my. goodness. i felt like i was in indo, the decorations were so cool! this was the only photo i was able to find on the internet but even that photo doesnt fully show how beautifully decorated the place is xD

After that headed back to church for my last bass practice :'( and i couldnt even stay that long, had to leave around 4:30pm and it was already 3 when I came there? me, stefanus and william played as a band for the last time this year i think, we played 'tiba saatnya' and its sounding pretty pro :D but i stopped playing halfway through and they didnt even notice, i think they intended it to be a two-man-band, so yeah felt a bit excluded.. -__- oh wells..

I left to hillsong next, where there was 'carols by candlelight' and we were able to turn on a battery powered candlestick and sway it about to christmas carols, it was so nice XD maybe will upload photos later :)

So now I'm back at home still learning how to play Your Call by Second Hand Serenade.. will get there soon enough xD

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