25 December 2011

Happy Birthday Jesus! aka Merry Christmas!

Had a start to my Christmas Eve celebrations by heading to Seven Hills to have lunch with the family (mum's side) at an all you can eat buffet ^__^ there was a kris kringle going on between the teenagers and I got michelle (my soon-to-be future spanish cousin) and she also got me xD she thought the wallet I gave was cute and I liked the striped dress she gave me x)

When I came back to city I went to meet up with church friends, William, Clement and Jason as they had finished a basketball game, and it was where I met them at a music store, that I got my Christmas present from my brother - a set of guitar picks and a capo! hehehe ^^

We split up afterwards to prepare for dinner at night and me and Jason came back to city to meet Sam. And we saw Alan and Stefanus *ahem* along the way but they were heading to Hillsong. I'm glad Stefanus enjoyed his first time there XD I was supposed to join him, but yeah had that dinner =l (either way, no regrets haha) anyway we caught the train to North Parramatta. Other friends from church came :) We ate at a Brazilian restaurant and most of them took the 'all you can eat' option while I took a BBQ meat platter which had salad, chips, 2 steak, a skewer of chicken and a skewer of sausage - all for $22. I haven't eaten that much meat for ages but it felt really good, so full of protein and iron goodness =p seriously, fingers crossed I gained weight after today LOL if I did I'd be so happy :) Oh, speaking of Brazilian restaurant, we were all INCREDIBLY surprised when one of the waiters revealed that he was Indonesian, when he looked non-asian but had dark skin (we all presumed he was from Brazil) and since then, he spoke to our table group in Indo hahah :)

After that the group went to La Parouse and I got to go in the car with William and his mum and dad ^__^ we talked all the way through hahah. I wasnt able to join the group as I had to go home but luckily they actually passed Kingsford along the way and I managed to get dropped off across my house.

And that was my Christmas Eve very well spent ^^ Tomorrow (or should I say, today), I got no plans except for church in the evening and my mum agreed to come with me to my church! I'm so excited, can't wait for her to meet everyone else xD I really hope she manages to make connections with some people (:

Whew I'm worn out, going to sleep now. Good night and Merry Christmas everyone! ^^

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