05 December 2011

Sunday Christmas celebration

Yesterday was my first time celebrating Christmas at my new church - its way smaller than Hillsong but the feeling of 'family' feels much stronger and because I know nearly everyone there I feel like I can serve more in the church ^__^

Morning service was cancelled so I was able to join my fam for hillsong, but then went straight afterwards to meet for lunch with the other church members at Takeru, Market City (we always end up eating there for some reason.. but not complaining, love Japanese food keke). Then when we got to church we headed up to the 1st floor and I was able to see the big room we would be setting up :O We were there nice and early for the decorators and musicians to be able to set up and all that. I got to set up the Christmas tree! XD and helping with the sticking on of tiny stars on cardboard letters ~ Oh.. did I say.. the musicians all changed into formalwear later on and someone stood out ^-^ Hmm anyway about 10 minutes before the service started the room filled out quickly, faster than I expected, and with tons of new faces of course. Worship really stood out, preaching was awesome (although its all in indo so didnt understand everything) and there was a really comedic drama in the end.. I think I remember getting watery eyes at one part though hahahah. And to end it we sung again and got given out glowsticks to 'sway' to the music.. very deep, although mine leaked a tiny bit as soon as I snapped it o__o I thought I would kind of wipe it off on the chair in front of me.. and then the chair started glowing!!! Dx anyways when the service ended we had a dinner.

Very memorable night overall with some things I won't forget :)
It was actually that good that I re-dreamt portions of it that night I went to bed @__@
I think it was the festivity, warm family atmosphere and celebration of Christmas that made it stand out :)

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