21 November 2012

Nail Prep

Attempted to achieve a similar look to these

but ended up with a fail attempt xD

Oh wells, not much I can do about it, was my first serious attempt at nail art :D

19 November 2012

2 more days!

Excited for formal, I hope its as amazing as I anticipate it to be ^__^

17 November 2012

Bad Thoughts

I don't know whether to feel angry or really worried that lately my mind has been pre-occupied with bad thoughts/connotations about people.. I mean.. Okay this is an extreme example, and not one that i have experienced, but picture that you have a friend who is feeling down and of course you feel sad for them, but then moments later you're thinking to yourself that maybe they're just doing this for attention, or that they deserve it etc. Well my train of thought it 'somewhere' along those lines.. :(

Got mah formal shoes and clutch! ^___^

Actually my co-ordinate was meant to be silver, as it compliments my dress really nicely + my jewellery is all silver, but.. today it changed to gold, as I couldn't find any nice silver shoes and bag ^^" So now, all that's left to do is find some simple pretty gold jewellery to match! :)

On another note, how is everyone going with getting their formal wear together? Everyone ready and excited? I know I am! But so nervous at the same time because of this and that.. Like what if I get seasick within half an hour on the cruise? LOLOL

14 November 2012

Final Thoughts

"I feel like I could be in love but I just don't know it "

Post-HSC Fulfilment

These holidays seem promising as I look at my whiteboard down the list of things I'm doing for the next few months. So far, going to Tim's birthday party, the Sydney Kings bball and the Bondi beach without a worry of exams or homework has truly given me a taste of freedom xD

Today was my first day back at work and I must admit, feels REALLY good finally earning my own money again instead of constantly feeling bad for wasting away my parent's money :)

Speaking of money, I owe my mum about $150 for the formal dress before I can actually start earning money for myself xD She said she's willing to pay for it because it was meant to be my bday present, but I feel bad, so I'm gonna pay her back 2/3 of the cost (includes alteration) xD After that, I can start saving for Indo (although I actually don't think I'm going to buy much this year, the clothes and shoes are much better here, plus I can't really 'really' 100% go shopping without my mum LOL like I may be shopping but my heart is not fully into into it hahaha). Other things I want to buy include most of the stuff I wrote in my previous blog post (the list of things I want to save up for) but as well, I still owe tons of people super belated bday gifts xD

Speaking of formal dress, I got it altered about a week ago and today I got to pick it up :D I'm not 100% satisfied (with the dress in general, colour doesnt really suit me and the shoulder pads actually give me an older, less youthful look) but what can I do? spent so much on it, can't go back.. at times I feel like just going back to the $10 white dress I bought ^^" Anyway I got my jewellery sorted, now just my clutch bag and shoes :) and nail design if I have time lol

Other news.. This Friday was meant to be my interview at UTS for the I.T scholarship (2nd stage of application), but I still haven't got an email saying I got through.. So I think they rejected my application =/ Ah well, at least I tried.. Will have to change my course preferences around now lol

Hmm.. My thoughts on the new happy couples? I'm sincerely happy for them!! :D So much has happened within our group within the last few months and three people who we all thought would not get a man until uni, actually did get a man xD xD Seeing all the happy couples takes me back to my first relationships and the excitement everyone would get from me dating, but with every new relationship I had, I feel that 'newness' about relationships has faded for me sadly. I no longer feel the specialness and innocence of my 'firsts' :( Yup, I really do wish I waited till after high school to go through my firsts actually lol. I actually know a friend who is just about to graduate from uni and has not once had a partner (not because they can't get one, but because they didn't want one + wanted to concentrate on a good career). In some aspects I admire them, but mostly I would've thought it'd be normal to at least date once in uni o.o But I do admire that they are building a strong foundation in their career before finding a partner to support them with :)
I can't help but want a bf too after being surrounded by happy couples, but this is actually a feeling I've learnt to ignore, because it's more of a desire if you get what I mean? And I've learnt to think more realistically too. I mean you know how people can tend to be too attracted to the idea that being in a relationship can bring happiness that others surrounding you are currently experiencing? Well I've been through enough relationships to know that it's not all rainbows and that. Long story short, I am SO much more careful now, about who I enter into a relationship with. Since my last relationship, I'll be honest with you, I've had slight interest (not liked) quite a number of guys, but I'm glad I actually got to know them well this time before that interest grew into liking them. And you know what? After a couple of months, I found that I ended up not liking any one of them LOL. Maybe thats why my relationships end up short lol. Like enter into a relationship when you 'just' got to know them a little and started getting interested in them, only to get to know them while you're bf and gf and realise they're not the one. This is sooooo me.. lol
Anyhow, I've written two paragraphs but I still can't seem to fully express my current thoughts on relationships and love at the moment, so I'll just leave it here xD Kudos to you if you're actually still even reading this LOL

Anyways I think thats it for now =) Feeling shleepy, night! ^___^

08 November 2012


Actually can't believe 4 weeks worth of exams (technically only 2 weeks for me) went by just like that! anyhow don't need to worry about all that because its all over!! :D freedom would feel incredibly sweet right now but sadly I'm going to work my butt off from next week, approx 40 hours a week to earn mullah for my trip to Indo and actually HAVE money in my bank account haha. but then again everyone got holiday casual jobs so I don't feel too bad/alone on this xD

01 November 2012

New Disney Film!

I don't know if anyone reading this is an AKB48 fan but I found out today that a new disney movie is coming out (Wreck-It Ralph) and AKB48 made and will be singing a song called sugar rush in one of the scenes and i think during the ending credits too! pretty excited to watch it and the storyline sounds really promising too! ^__^


Can't believe this is happening! :')
(Gotta admit.. they must already have a really bad first impression of me though..)

31 October 2012

This is horrible!! :(

I guess this is huge karma pay back for extremely poor organisational and time management skills but I submitted my uts IT scholarship form today (the due date) at 10pm hoping that they would electronically stop receiving forms by 12am on the deadline.. and it didn't go through.. I want to hit myself in the head so bad, I left this form open for months and worked on carefully planning my answers to the free response questions for ages (okay maybe for waaaaay too long) and now I just feel like shiet for leaving it to last minute. FML.. I think I totally deserve this though T__T well I emailed the person responsible for the form, moments after I failed to submit it.. I asked for a second chance but I can only 'hope for the best but expect the worst' :( I do deserve it after all..

My formal dress has arrived in the mail!

I still need to get it majorly tailored though, the train is so damn long that if I cut off the excess, the leftover would be enough to make a short curtain LOL & you know how my dress is meant to be short at the front, long at the back? the material folds over to the front so much that it pretty much 'hides' the shortness of the front and makes it look like a full floor-length gown! hahaha still got a loooong way to go. but overall KINDA happy with the look and all :)
If you wanna see a photo of it , whatsapp me ^^

20 October 2012

iTunes Update

I may have went a bit overboard and downloaded 3 albums today & 3 individual songs xD

15 October 2012

Being Nervous + Eating = Bad combination

A lot of people might not be able to relate to me for this, but there are these times where sometimes you get so nervous being around someone that you start becoming really self-conscious and end up not being able to function normally.. literally. Like maybe you get so nervous that you actually have to tell yourself how to walk! LOL
But the worst.. is when you're eating .__.
Even lifting up a spoon when eating can be the most difficult challenge in the world if you're nervous. That spoon can't quite.. reach your mouth, at least without looking like an idiot moving around a small silver object like it weighs so much more.

Hahaha.. oh man..

I'm such a dork .___."

Night Music

Is it just me or does music literally sound 150% better at night than at any other time of the day?
At first I thought it was because the actual external surroundings are quiet, allowing you to fully absorb the atmosphere of the music, but I tried this in a study booth once and it disproved this theory.. so yer..

13 October 2012


Some photos I took from a while back when I was searching for which dress colours suited me most =)

Blue - Forever New

Green - Zara

Beige - Forcast

Dark blue - Forcast

Same dress (slight back view)

Same dress (side view)

Lilac (colour didn't show well) - Forcast

Mint (blue/green) - Forcast

'After' HSC

Lately whenever someone proposes a non-educational activity, my saying is always this:
"After HSC. After HSC, THEN we can do it"
Ahhhh so frustrating D:
Anyhow. 'After' HSC I want to learn this! xD I haven't even finished learning Haruka by SCANDAL yet but its too hard so I might switch to this instead xD

09 October 2012

Kiel James Patrick bracelets

Posting these up so I can delete them from my desktop ^^"
My top three :D

1. Calico Jack

2. JFK

3. Brenton Cay

03 October 2012

Needa get a new mac

Google Chrome won't update any more cauz my software is too old.. darn it ==" even worse, updates for flash player won't work either - now every time I go to youtube or facebook I always get this notification saying that all vids/animations etc. using flash player are blocked cauz its out of date. Cheaper alternative is to just go purchase the new software but my mac is so old (in terms of macbook generation), might as well just get a new one LOL plus on ebay theres sah little cases available for the older macs, only the pros and macbook airs nowadays =/
Ahh.. there goes another thing to add to my list of stuff to save up for xD

01 October 2012


You see ads about this on TV and facebook but I actually tried it out and its not completely free but it's quite fun! similar to brain training on DS :) If I do decide to pursue neuroscience in uni, I'd love to work for a company like this as its both neuroscience and I.T related :D

29 September 2012

Forgive me if I sound crazy

but is it normal to want to cry when you're annoyed because that feeling of being annoyed is so.. annoying? If that even makes sense :S

28 September 2012

Defs going to sleep well tonight x)

If Changmin can't sleep right next to me and sing me this lullaby, this is the next best thing :3

21 September 2012


My dad told me just then that he didn't care about me graduating.. and that he'd only congratulate me when I get accepted into university. No wonder he didn't say anything on Wednesday.

16 September 2012

Stuff I'd like to save up for ^^

Bass guitar + amp (no idea which brand/model though)
Guitar strap, stand and white fender picks with gold letter engravement
Calico Jack, Brenton Clay or JRK style Kiel James Patrick bracelet
Return to Tiffany heart tag toggle bracelet
iPod touch (5th gen)
Savings for Indo
Savings for uni
Savings for parents
K-ON! character figurines
Formal dress / shoes / bag
Laptop mint coloured shell case
Car (when I get my P's) xD

18 August 2012


Today I slept for 12 hours but I still feel pretty tired. There's nothing wrong with me is there? .__.

13 August 2012

10pm? Really..?

It's not that late into the night and two durex ads have already played during commercials.. thats just.. really awkward to watch with parents xD

12 August 2012

Formal heels?

I saw these yesterday and immediately fell in love with them! i think the light coloured version (background shoe in the left upper corner side) might suit the formal dress i have in mind but.. well it just has to be stilleto doesnt it.. xD with tons of practise and a twisted ankle here and there i could aim for it! :)

04 August 2012

Turning Page

As promised, a non school related post :) As awkward as the scene that plays along with this song in breaking dawn is, the lyrics are actually really sweet.. which makes this my current favourite song at the moment :D

I've waited a hundred years
but I'd wait a million more for you.
Nothing prepared me for 
what the privilege of being yours would do.

If I had only felt the warmth within your touch,
if I had only seen how you smile when you blush,
or how you curl your lip when you concentrate enough,
I would have known what I was living for all along
what I've been living for.

Your love is my turning page,
where only the sweetest words remain.
Every kiss is a cursive line,
every touch is redefining phrase.

I surrender who I've been for who you are,
for nothing makes me stronger than your fragile heart.
If I had only felt how it feels to be yours,
well, I would have known what I've been living for along
what I've been living for.

30 July 2012

Screwed english paper 1 :(

I predict the following marks
Section I: 12/15
Section II: 10/15
Section III: 5/15

I am quite sure this is accurate.. I only spent 10 minutes on my essay (sadly)
I swear this is such a bad start to trials, and the only exam I'm looking forward to is Maths. Kind of ironic huh? I used to hate maths but now that I've gone through tons of past papers I feel slightly more confident xD

..anyhow I realised I haven't posted anything non-school related in a while, I'll try to see if I can come up with something ^^"

23 May 2012

17 May 2012

You had my heart insideeeee ~~~~ of your hand. 

rolling in the deeeeppppppp ~~~

Heyy I just met you, and this is crazy, But here's my number, SO CALL ME MAYBE !

16 May 2012

Further Design Experimentations

Front View

Stage 1

Stage 2

Back View

(not sure whether to make the wood blocking go halfway across the front balcony or keep it at the sides only? opinions would be much appreciated!)

This is on the side only..

And.. this is crossing halfway at the front

13 May 2012

Ups and Downs of this week

This friday i went to my church's hills campus to attend a prayer service. really far away from home but totally worth it, we were able to pray and communicate to God all together as a church family :) i liked how while welas was talking about worship to me and jason, he referred to it as our own personal love song to God. i was already familiar with this concept but just hearing those simple words again was really thought-provoking. just like hearing simple words like 'God is great' can be enough to cause your heart to stir about in love, because, well its so true! :)

after the service jason and i had the privilage to stay over in kellyville for the night, much to the kind hospitality of ken who offered, and his parents who took out their time and effort to care for us ^^ he got to drive us and abi and ian home which i thought was pretty cool :D very similar to that feeling you get when one of your school friend drives you around hahaha. we were given some of keke's homemade food for dinner, which i liked x) then we all pretty much all stayed upstairs all night until 3am. ken and abi were gaming so i was left to playing card games with keke, jason and ian. we played cheat, 41 and this betting game. I was new to 41 and the betting game but it was REALLY really interesting - shoutout to my school friends group: we must attempt these games sometime during school lunchtimes!!
hmm.. what else.. i slept in keke's room for the night and hopefully she didnt see/hear any of my strange sleeping habits.. @__@ when i woke up i could hear her and her father practising the songs for the night's service. oh my goodness. if my family was as musical as theirs, it would be so cool ^^ makes me think i should do jamming sessions with my dad and sis sometime in the future.. hopefully :')
for breakfast i had coffee and got to try out her mum's kek lapis - sahhh good, as well made as the ones you can get from indo supermarkets x)
her mum invited me to go grocery shopping after that, and i really regret not going, because that couldve been potential bonding time :(
hmm.. i think that sums up my Friday and Saturday :) I was really happy to have gotten to know keke better, since theres no girls around my age at church. i really hope she comes to city campus more often :(

Heaps of bad things happened because I got into a lot of trouble with my parents straight after church ended on Friday, but its probably not worth talking about. decided to keep this post optimistic instead :)

11 April 2012


About 2 weeks ago Urbanear Plattans were $60 and they're raised to $80 now.. ($20+) and the quilted version was $80 before and now its $110 ($30+!)
Does that mean they're getting popular now..? Ahh ><

06 April 2012

New channel!

and i just realised.. i played guitar to the wrong version of the song.. theres one thats just SLIGHTLY higher which is meant to suit my playing more.. but oh well xD

27 March 2012

What career path now..?

Today felt like one of those days where interior design just wasnt my 'thing'. I mean the whole theory part.. is of nothing that interests me. And the idea of having to search for 'projects' to do for people makes the career not seem stable if you know what I mean? I want a job with fixed pay, full-time or whatever.

Then there's biology. I loooooove biology. That is to say, I love studying it. A career in biology.. not so much ): Well.. I'm not too sure yet, definitely might not go for anything that will upset my weak stomach (surgeon, nurse etc.) so I'm thinking lab work and research is better.

And I.T.. I'd love to work at an Apple Store come to think of it :O But lately I just haven't been concentrating in IPT lessons because the content work is so boring. And If I can't be serious about it at the moment, what makes me think I'll change my ways in uni and gain an enthusiasm for it? :S

Yeah, I'm a bit of a lost sheep at the moment.

13 March 2012

The Face Shop haul with Kirsty ^___^

I got myself an eye primer, cleansing wipes and my favourite, a Milk Plus body lotion, which smells really sweet like strawberry milk candy x3 For spending a bit over $30, I got my free members card too :D Plus there were baskets of little samples hehe.

12 March 2012

AKFG = Childhood!

I remember how obsessed I was with Japanese culture - back in year 6 to 7 I used to get up at 5:30am everyday just to watch Japanese news on SBS hahahah
I frequently used my Japanese dictionary until it was worn out on the edges, and I still have it to this day hehe ^^
And the only songs I listened to were the ones from Asian Kung-Fu Generation (main band I listened to), Orange Range, Ayumi Hamasaki or Utada Hikaru (y) Good times..

07 March 2012

Kony 2012

If there's one message, for those wanting to know why awareness through social networks will support this campaign, it can be summarised within these lines from the video:

"In order for Kony to be arrested this year (2012), the Ugandan military has to find him.
In order to find him, they need the technology and training to track him in the vast jungle.
That's where the American advisors come in. But in order for the American advisors to be there, the U.S. government has to deploy them. They've done that but if the government doesn't believe that people care about arresting Kony, the mission will be cancelled. In order for the people to care, they have to know. And they will only know if Kony's name is everywhere."

"It's obvious the Kony should be stopped, but the problem is around 99% of the world's population doesn't know who he is. If they knew, Kony would have been stopped long ago."

Sometimes I do try and imagine what it is like being that child slave who maybe in a few hours time has to carry the duty of Kony's dirty work by killing loved ones from their own hands, in front of their own eyes. And then I imagine the small sense of hope that that child has that maybe within that dark hour, the military will finally find and capture Kony, giving freedom to the children. And that 'hope' that those children have is what motivated me to want to support this campaign. The sooner he is found, the less lives that are lost. This does remind me of the classic saying, 'a stitch in time saves nine'.

It really does seem like the whole world already knows about him (because of all the news on Tumblr) but in reality, 10 000 + notes on an awareness posts is not the 'world'. So just one contribution to sharing the news is all it takes. And on 'Cover the Night' will be the most profound impact when the news can be spread most. This will (hopefully) be the day that this campaign's first goal is achieved.

I think all this campaign is asking is that we play our small part in raising awareness so that the government knows that their determination in stopping him as soon as possible is well supported by people around the world.


06 March 2012

655 notes!!

My eyeshadow GIF started off with 2 notes on 3rd of March and got 655 notes in 3 days! So happy :'D

04 March 2012

American Version?

Seeing the other version of baby lips on tumblr often, I actually feel like buying the collection now xD
Some of them come in slight colour tints and theres more flavours / packaging colours to choose from, but what I really have my eye on is the peach flavoured one *o*

03 March 2012

Congratulations newlyweds, James and Michelle! 02.03.12

Aww.. James' tears of joy.. :')
Seeing my cousin's amazement upon facing his bride was incredibly touching

Grandparents with Bride & Groom
Family of four cousins & one auntie

First dance to 'Just the Way You Are' :')
And a fave picture of me & sis (:



(click image for animation)
my third gif! xD made using screenshots from this website:

01 March 2012


Tomorrow is my cousin's wedding at Hillsong Chapel - so excited! :D but its during school time so I'll only be able to make it to the reception afterwards :(

29 February 2012

Zound Plug technology

Earlier on my bus ride home from retreat I was talking about headphones and decided to search for varieties. UrbanEars has designed this innovative feature for their Plattan range headphones which allows a friend to plug their earphones / headphones into yours (literally) and listen to what you are listening to :)

Personally I don't really like Beats headphones / earphones - its too mainstream for me, but sure, they look great and sound great and I guess that's what everybody looks for :)

24 February 2012

Photoblog updates

Do you all remember.. how I went to Daiso with Connie and was it.. Raymond or Kirsty? Forgot who tagged along with us.. D: Well I bought these false lashes from that time, and.. it was only today that I actually tried sticking them on! This was my first time ever trying false lashes before.. so hopefully it doesnt look too bad.. right? heres the result.. xD

I went accessory shopping about 1-2months ago but was too lazy to upload. Might as well now :) I really love the bracelet and long feather earring a lot, not so much the cuff, but mainly because I rarely put my hair behind my ears, so yeah.. looks cool though ):

Oh yeah! This one of the many photos I sent from my phone to my PC today and I wanted to share this with you all - a mint mentos bin from my church!! (and theres even more underneath!!) i dont know if the hotel we hold church at, supplies these mentos.. or if someone from church actually goes out.. and buys all of this.. O__O

And another photo.. from KuraKura across Market City! Funnily enough the restaurant right next to it is also called Kura.. (is there some sort of connection)? But the KuraKura logo looks different and I know that the many Kuras around the city, like the Dixon St one, all hold the same logo, so err.. totally dont know :S