31 January 2012

My messy afternoon reflection on study habits.

Was so motivated hearing tips from the grad class '11 and I came home, started printing out a February calender to write down and view my homework / tasks more broadly, printed out my usual easier-to-read timetable ver. as well as my sister (man I was on a roll), and then.. I sat down to finish my holiday homework.. and I opened tumblr and fb.. and I had a very unproductive night. Oh gosh. When will I ever learn.

I still got my english creative writing, 1 book and a few poems to read, completion of billy elliot notes, sor responses, bio presentation (one to two more slides to go, though), dat mdp, and MATHS. must i even start.. financial maths ch 1 - 4, data analysis 1 - 4, measurement 1 - 5, probability 1 - 2, algebra 1 - 4. All chapter reviews from year 11 textbook. From year 12 textbook: ch. review 2, 9 and 3. All prac papers from year 12 (myclasses) and finally to re-do my last test (also myclasses).

What I have done over the holidays?
100% IPT
95% Bus Serv
97% Biology
25% English
20% DAT
10% Maths
0% SOR

Luckily my manager hasn't called me to work yet, and I'm kind of hoping she doesn't (or rarely does until HSC finishes..) cause work is seriously waaay out of my interest at the moment.

For the time being, really need to start making trips to the library. Maybe even going to our school library after school and using those study booths would be good. Bowen is good too but can get noisy / have no room to sit at times. Is the school library open every afternoon though? Was never really an afternoon-library-person for majority of my HS schooling life lol.

Ahh.. but then there's my sis. Gotta be there for her school to home journey. What if I took her to the library with me.. and tried making study sessions with her? She's just as bad as me hahah as SOON as she gets home and does necessary stuff, she turns on TV straight away and stays glued to it.. same with me and the computer.. I'm such a bad role model.. When I was in year 7, I was a full-on studious kid. When my sister was in year 5, she became my year 10 self :'(

Why do I have the feeling I repeat these kind of posts every year? From what I know, it just keeps getting worse as time goes past.

30 January 2012

Picnik Premium is FREE!

All premium features are free but only until April where the site will actually close down :(

27 January 2012

Diamond Tears



- Wonder Girls “UNRELEASED” ‘THE DJ IS MINE‘ single CD
- Autographed Wonder Girls Movie Poster
- Laptop case
- Diamond Tears Headphones (Not yet released!)
- Samsung Galaxy Tab

But I covet the Diamond Tears the most, made by Monster in collaboration with JYP! :O :O

*With the condition being you need to watch the Wonder Girls Movie on Teen Nick on Feb 2 then answer a quiz based on the movie.. Seeing the comments below, some people are willing to stream it for those who don't have cable TV. Yay! =)

Dunno why I've been crazy about giveaways recently.. Probably because two of my school friends were lucky to win one haha ^^"

Eki's Giveaway Finished :(

But I still got the bloggiversary one with one month left.. Fighting! :)

26 January 2012

Back to school hairstyle?

I think this braid within a braid look is really cute, plus its quick to do ^__^

Can't really see it from my pictures.. but in the video below, its the hairstyle on the left :D

Thanks to Kirsty for introducing this youtube channel to me! :D

23 January 2012

Why I'm never on Skype

As much as I'd like to switch from using msn to skype, most of my close friends don't have it or made an account and never used it again (like I once did), and so there's not really a point in going online.. So.. everyone please get skype! :)

19 January 2012

Phone adventures (useless rant)

So as you all know, my phone is currently disabled for who knows how long and I thought it would be good to get a temporary phone for you know, the basic needs of communication (a.k.a. sms and call).

After a few days of very thorough research, HTC Explorer turned out to be the best 'budget' phone, at $150. A LITTLE pricey but I reckon it's a huge step up from the other budget phones available. So off I ventured into the city to purchase this phone. But did I know Vodafone was having a $299 deal on the Samsung Google Nexus S? NO! My eyes sparkled (metaphorically) and immediately my idea of buying a 'budget' phone dropped.. This phone is good enough to actually become a long term use phone :)

My dream phone at the moment is the Samsung Google Nexus but.. the price is around $700-$800 outright =/ So the Nexus S is my alternate, cheaper choice ^^ My cousin in Indo has my dream phone and I got to explore around with it.. and really really liked it hahah.

So anyway after sitting outside the shop for literally more than half an hour, calculating budgets and contemplating if it was really worth it, I thought OKAY, LETS DO IT. Well guess what.. it was no longer in stock ==" So I went around the city from QVB store to Westfield Pitt St to World Square and they all had no stock left :(

..and then I come home to realise Dick Smith sells these phones at the same price and most of the city stores except two have it in stock -.-" So much for venturing around the city.. So I guess I'll be heading back there tomorrow, wish me luck that I finally get my new phone! XD

Eki Blog

One last additional add on to my list of favourite product/makeup gurus is the Eki Blog, which I just discovered today! Actually this blog was already added in my bookmarks list since last year but I kinda abandoned it until today, when I actually found a way for her updates on posts to show up in my blogger :) I enjoy reading on all the beauty packages she receives from fans and some of them are so cute/creative that hopefully it will inspire me to be more creative when giving out birthday presents to my friends x)

Heres the link!

18 January 2012

Favourite product/makeup gurus + Lipgloss Love Affair's "Very Belated Bloggiversary Giveaway"

Now I'm not one to wear cosmetics but just seeing reviews and how-to's is something I often like to do in the my spare time :) Here are some of my favourites (in no particular order)

The first guru that came to mind is my friend! I'm not being biased because I know her, but her reviews are really interesting and worth reading over even if you don't wear makeup :) Whenever she posts, I'm always excited to read them hehe. With a total of 8 posts, from what I've seen she's on her way to being a very popular product/makeup blogger x)

A long time blogger, she has posted reviews on everything from circle lenses to body creams to makeup. And did I mention her giveaways are huge? In fact she posted about one just yesterday. You can enter Lipgloss Love Affair's Very Belated Bloggiversary Giveaway through here: http://www.lipglossloveaffair.com/2012/01/very-belated-bloggiversary-giveaway.html

Youtuber and blogger, this Korean girl is soooo pretty! Watching her upload vids with her husband is also very entertaining to watch because they're so cute together haha. Did I mention she recently got to meet 2PM and the Wonder Girls and talk/take pictures with them?!

17 January 2012


Excorcism movies scare the hell outta me.. cause you know there really is such things out there.. Like demons living in people.. people reported to go delusional and commit suicide from seeing stuff.. witchcraft.. and all that =S

15 January 2012

Cannot call / text anyone =l

My phone service has been temporarily suspended for who knows how long.. Don't ask why T__T
I can still receive incoming calls / texts.. but still..

04 January 2012


This is a REALLY cute site for buying quirky stuff :)

K-Pop fan or not, please help me out! ^^

Please click this link below once every Friday (starting from 1pm), Saturday and Sunday (any time) and Monday (before 11am) until the 26th of January and vote for any song on the poll. It will really help me boost my rank for this competition: http://global.mnet.com/mcountdown/event.m and I'm really hoping to win a prize =D