18 January 2012

Favourite product/makeup gurus + Lipgloss Love Affair's "Very Belated Bloggiversary Giveaway"

Now I'm not one to wear cosmetics but just seeing reviews and how-to's is something I often like to do in the my spare time :) Here are some of my favourites (in no particular order)

The first guru that came to mind is my friend! I'm not being biased because I know her, but her reviews are really interesting and worth reading over even if you don't wear makeup :) Whenever she posts, I'm always excited to read them hehe. With a total of 8 posts, from what I've seen she's on her way to being a very popular product/makeup blogger x)

A long time blogger, she has posted reviews on everything from circle lenses to body creams to makeup. And did I mention her giveaways are huge? In fact she posted about one just yesterday. You can enter Lipgloss Love Affair's Very Belated Bloggiversary Giveaway through here: http://www.lipglossloveaffair.com/2012/01/very-belated-bloggiversary-giveaway.html

Youtuber and blogger, this Korean girl is soooo pretty! Watching her upload vids with her husband is also very entertaining to watch because they're so cute together haha. Did I mention she recently got to meet 2PM and the Wonder Girls and talk/take pictures with them?!

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