31 January 2012

My messy afternoon reflection on study habits.

Was so motivated hearing tips from the grad class '11 and I came home, started printing out a February calender to write down and view my homework / tasks more broadly, printed out my usual easier-to-read timetable ver. as well as my sister (man I was on a roll), and then.. I sat down to finish my holiday homework.. and I opened tumblr and fb.. and I had a very unproductive night. Oh gosh. When will I ever learn.

I still got my english creative writing, 1 book and a few poems to read, completion of billy elliot notes, sor responses, bio presentation (one to two more slides to go, though), dat mdp, and MATHS. must i even start.. financial maths ch 1 - 4, data analysis 1 - 4, measurement 1 - 5, probability 1 - 2, algebra 1 - 4. All chapter reviews from year 11 textbook. From year 12 textbook: ch. review 2, 9 and 3. All prac papers from year 12 (myclasses) and finally to re-do my last test (also myclasses).

What I have done over the holidays?
100% IPT
95% Bus Serv
97% Biology
25% English
20% DAT
10% Maths
0% SOR

Luckily my manager hasn't called me to work yet, and I'm kind of hoping she doesn't (or rarely does until HSC finishes..) cause work is seriously waaay out of my interest at the moment.

For the time being, really need to start making trips to the library. Maybe even going to our school library after school and using those study booths would be good. Bowen is good too but can get noisy / have no room to sit at times. Is the school library open every afternoon though? Was never really an afternoon-library-person for majority of my HS schooling life lol.

Ahh.. but then there's my sis. Gotta be there for her school to home journey. What if I took her to the library with me.. and tried making study sessions with her? She's just as bad as me hahah as SOON as she gets home and does necessary stuff, she turns on TV straight away and stays glued to it.. same with me and the computer.. I'm such a bad role model.. When I was in year 7, I was a full-on studious kid. When my sister was in year 5, she became my year 10 self :'(

Why do I have the feeling I repeat these kind of posts every year? From what I know, it just keeps getting worse as time goes past.

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  1. omggg! if your going to school library i'll go with you man! D: D: it's so close by as well