19 January 2012

Phone adventures (useless rant)

So as you all know, my phone is currently disabled for who knows how long and I thought it would be good to get a temporary phone for you know, the basic needs of communication (a.k.a. sms and call).

After a few days of very thorough research, HTC Explorer turned out to be the best 'budget' phone, at $150. A LITTLE pricey but I reckon it's a huge step up from the other budget phones available. So off I ventured into the city to purchase this phone. But did I know Vodafone was having a $299 deal on the Samsung Google Nexus S? NO! My eyes sparkled (metaphorically) and immediately my idea of buying a 'budget' phone dropped.. This phone is good enough to actually become a long term use phone :)

My dream phone at the moment is the Samsung Google Nexus but.. the price is around $700-$800 outright =/ So the Nexus S is my alternate, cheaper choice ^^ My cousin in Indo has my dream phone and I got to explore around with it.. and really really liked it hahah.

So anyway after sitting outside the shop for literally more than half an hour, calculating budgets and contemplating if it was really worth it, I thought OKAY, LETS DO IT. Well guess what.. it was no longer in stock ==" So I went around the city from QVB store to Westfield Pitt St to World Square and they all had no stock left :(

..and then I come home to realise Dick Smith sells these phones at the same price and most of the city stores except two have it in stock -.-" So much for venturing around the city.. So I guess I'll be heading back there tomorrow, wish me luck that I finally get my new phone! XD

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