22 February 2012

7 more days.. [edit]

till the giveaway ends! its been going for sooo freaking long, theres about 3000+ entries :S The more I participate in it, the more im reconsidering if its really worth it or not, because, well I don't know, I just want to win SOMETHING from a giveaway and this one wasn't even the best out there. But I thought, well, just try at least once in my life. I really do understand that people do not appreciate my 'consistent' effort for something so small, and aren't all that happy for me advertising it, but I did warn and apologise in advance, even before it started. Honestly, I would've posted about it everyday, but in respect for people not wanting junk on their newsfeed, I didn't.
I'm expecting that I won't win it, but it's always worth a try right?

At times like these, I always have to hold my tongue from talking back..

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