01 February 2012

Courses I want to get into

Just like Janice previously posted, I would like to list my possibilities down :D
They are all based on the UAC 2011 Guide, so I guess ATAR cut-offs are subject to change this year.


- B Science in Information Technology, B Arts in International Studies - 82.40
- B Medical Science, B Arts in International Studies - 92.00
- B Design in Interior and Spacial Design, B Arts in International Studies - 94.20
- B Design in Visual Communication, B Arts in International Studies - 97.35

All of the above are my ultimate dream choices, of course all with the cost of an extra high cut-off :(

- B Biomedical Science - 86.05
- B Medical Science - 90.00
- B Science in Information Technology, Diploma in Information Technology Professional Practice - 82.50
- B ICT Engineering (Computer Systems) - 85.00
- B ICT Engineering (Software) - 85.00
- B Design in Interior and Spacial Design - 88.25
- B Design in Visual Communication - 93.70

Choices for uni:
1. UTS (because they specialise in I.T and Design)
2. UNSW - all round good uni? and uni that I'm most familar with
3. USYD (not too familar with this uni though)
4. Macquarie University (haven't researched much about this uni yet though).. and its in North Ryde..  D: meh.. still not too bad..

I really need to attend open days this year due to my lack of knowledge on my uni choices :)

Well as you can see, my choices are VERY broad.. If I don't get into one, there's always 'this' or 'that' :) But I must aim to achieve a high 80s to mid 90s to actually qualify for majority of them.. Is that possible at the rate I'm going? lol.. Well I shouldn't give up now! There's still hope XD

I never mentioned this to anyone before, but design is actually not my top choice, science is :O I never bother mentioning it to anyone though, cause lets face it, I know my chances of actually getting into the course is really slim. I never get good marks in science.. :( But then when I look at these cut-offs, design is equally as hard to get into! -surprised-

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