24 February 2012

Photoblog updates

Do you all remember.. how I went to Daiso with Connie and was it.. Raymond or Kirsty? Forgot who tagged along with us.. D: Well I bought these false lashes from that time, and.. it was only today that I actually tried sticking them on! This was my first time ever trying false lashes before.. so hopefully it doesnt look too bad.. right? heres the result.. xD

I went accessory shopping about 1-2months ago but was too lazy to upload. Might as well now :) I really love the bracelet and long feather earring a lot, not so much the cuff, but mainly because I rarely put my hair behind my ears, so yeah.. looks cool though ):

Oh yeah! This one of the many photos I sent from my phone to my PC today and I wanted to share this with you all - a mint mentos bin from my church!! (and theres even more underneath!!) i dont know if the hotel we hold church at, supplies these mentos.. or if someone from church actually goes out.. and buys all of this.. O__O

And another photo.. from KuraKura across Market City! Funnily enough the restaurant right next to it is also called Kura.. (is there some sort of connection)? But the KuraKura logo looks different and I know that the many Kuras around the city, like the Dixon St one, all hold the same logo, so err.. totally dont know :S


  1. Awww so pretty!.. but it looks a little loose o.O
    ahaha and it wasnt meh! but i told you i went like the week before

  2. Really? I'll try and work on it then xD
    ohh maybe i got you confused by you talking about it :O

  3. Lol, it was Raymond. And.. i think you're a lil off your lash light, you can always just fill it in like liner though ~~

    and KuraKura is a franchise of Kura, so is the Kura in maroubra junction and the one on number 1 dixon street. (however the original is to be honest, by far the best!!!)