04 February 2012

Felt so sick within the past hour.. Woke up with a bad stomachache and it all came from there.. I started getting cold sweats, I wanted to throw up, I couldn't walk properly because I felt so dizzy.. I sat in front of the toilet for 5 minutes then tried getting up and walking to my room.. and when I did that, my ears started burning hot, and I completely lost my vision for around 7 seconds, and I'm not talking about regular grey coloured blur that I usually get when I stand up. It was literally black with thousands of white spots, and my eyes weren't even closed. I was so scared :( So I went back to the bathroom and got myself to throw up a couple of times.. 10 minutes pass and now I feel better. My stomach still hurts though and I just got a headache.. whew. This isn't the first time it's happened.. and so far this has been the most intense one :( Really hope it doesn't get worse..


  1. Are you okay??? :O
    did you go to the doctors? D: D: D:

    hope you get better (:

  2. hey kirsty, yup im feeling better now, thankyouu ><
    didnt go doctors though but i think i should be okay ><